Thursday Jul 07, 2022

What is Postpartum Depression?

New mothers can sometimes suffer from what is known as postpartum depression. If you’re feeling anxious or depressed after giving birth, this article can help you understand the symptoms and the treatments available to help you get back on your feet. Image credit Depression after childbirth occurs when the mother experiences a sudden and dramatic […]

What is a Drainage Survey and Why Might You Need One?

A drainage survey is an examination of a drainage system’s condition. It is used to diagnose a drainage issue, and can reveal a wide range of problems. Left untreated, these problems can lead to leaks and burst pipes, resulting in substantial repairs and replacement costs. In some cases, the drainage system can cause structural damage […]

Causes and Prevention of Falls in the Elderly

The main cause of falls in elderly people is a health condition that affects their ability to maintain balance and mobility. The aging eyesight also reduces contrast, making tripping hazards and obstacles more difficult to see. Moreover, the number of older people taking various medications increases their risk of falling. Additionally, the environment can also […]

Oxford Shirt v Dress Shirt: the differences

In traditional western culture, a man’s wardrobe is more constrained than a woman’s but that doesn’t mean it is ‘simpler’. In fact, there are many important distinctions worth understanding so that you can make impeccable style decisions. The differences between Oxford shirts and other dress shirts is one. Image Credit The dress shirt arose as […]

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