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Common Mistakes that Small Business MAKE While Doing Market Research

It is important to conduct market research in order to understand your customers plus your competition more. Also, this essential component of your small business success can help identify trends, which affect sales as well as your profitability. However, conducting any successful market research involves planning as well as strategy. Below are some of the common mistakes that are prevalent with small businesses when carrying out market research. They include: Continue reading

How fridge freezers changed the way we live

Before the advent of refrigeration we were limited in the types of food we could store in our homes. Very wealthy families could afford to have a dedicated ice house but these were understandably rare and beyond the reach of most people.


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The importance of refrigeration

It has been understood for centuries that keeping food cold helps to preserve it. Archaeological discoveries indicate that an ice house was built for the King of Mesopotamia as long ago as 1780 BC, but for the common man and woman it was a case of pickling foods, preserving meat and fish by salting or smoking them, and buying only small quantities of food with each visit to the shops.

The invention of the refrigerator, followed by the freezer, completely transformed the way we shop, store and cook food, opening up a whole world of cuisine that most people could never have dreamed of.

In fact, the Mail Online  published the results of a survey amongst scientists which put refrigeration at the top of a list of innovations that have had the most impact upon our food and drink.

With the assistance of refrigeration, most of us are now able to store a wider range of foods than at any previous time in history, leading to a more nutritious – and more varied – diet than was possible for previous generations.

The global supermarket

Before fridges and freezers became so commonplace people tended to shop at local stores which were mainly stocked with locally produced meat, fruit and vegetables. Foods were seasonal, meaning that some produce was only available at certain times of the year, which forced consumers to eat a fairly restricted diet.

Thanks to commercial refrigeration produce is now routinely sourced from around the world, meaning that supermarkets stock a huge variety of produce throughout the year, with no need to take seasonal changes into account.

At the same time, commercial fridge freezers have allowed catering establishments to store foods in a more cost-effective way, resulting in an explosion of restaurants and eateries, from the most humble mobile catering van through to fine dining establishments, many of which cater for huge numbers of customers every day.  But who cater for the caterers?  With the rise in eateries Catering suppliers like and Fridge Freezer Direct ltd have sprung up in response to consumer demand for large commercial fridge freezers and other catering equipment that can cope with the volume of foods to be stored.

Now technology is poised to make another dramatic leap forward as our fridges and freezers look poised to begin a whole new interactive process with us. In a recent blog post for The Guardian  Jason Nathan discusses the ‘internet of things’, reporting that the technology company LG has developed a prototype fridge that not only records its contents, but also has the capability to monitor their freshness.

It seems that before long our fridges and freezers will help us to plan our shopping lists, even potentially communicating with our smartphones so that we don’t forget anything on our next trip to the supermarket!

Swipely Introduces a Credit Card Based Loyalty Program

A lot of different avenues have been tried to help businesses set up loyalty programs. Some have come to the trouble of setting up loyalty cards specific to the business. Others have tried to go the online route, while others try and tap into the mobile niche and create specific apps for businesses. Surprisingly one avenue that hasn’t been fully explored yet is the credit cards people use every day. And this is a method Swipely is now banking on exploiting. Continue reading

A Women’s Guide to Finding the Right Fit Jeans

Jeans have been a staple of every woman’s wardrobe since they launched on the fashion scene. Durable, long-lasting and hard-wearing, they never go out of style. Jeans can be dressed up or down, and finding the perfect pair is a never-ending quest for most discerning females. The good news is, there are a few tricks to help you choose the ideal style and cut to flatter your figure, leaving you with a sleek silhouette and maximum comfort. Continue reading

Mobile Payments vs. Traditional Credit Card Processing

Accepting and processing credit cards from your customers is much easier today than it was in the past. Having a customer use a credit card within a business often means that a business owner can expect that customer to spend up to twenty percent more in that store than they otherwise would have. Furthermore, many businesses today operate a retail website. Since the vast majority of people prefer to use their credit card when shopping online, being set up for payment processing is practically a necessity for any business. Continue reading

Fleex or how to learn English by watching Netflix

It is essential to know languages to access certain jobs and that English has been chosen as a communication vehicle worldwide is a well known fact. A situation has also brought with it the emergence of new online methods to learn it, several schools and many more that you can imagine.

However, there are other more original options that allow you to learn the language and enjoy at the same time. A context that has no place Fleex, an application that although was lightened a few years ago, has now added a feature that will allow us to learn this language through Netflix, among others. But how? Continue reading

So aggressive looks the new Kia Rio in these first official pictures

Kia anticipates the Paris Motor Show, where it will debut, and reveals today the new Kia Rio. The new Rio, without breaking with his predecessor, evolves in its design with a more aggressive front, more muscular side and almost vertical rear pilots with LED technology.

The new model leaves the 3 – door body to propose only 5 – door bodywork. The 2017 Kia Rio is 5 mm wide and 15 longer than the current model mm. The battle, meanwhile, grows 10 mm. Continue reading

Why It Is Bad News That Most Clinical Trial Findings Don’t Get Published

While it is important to have all the facts available when it comes to clinical trials, there are a number of reasons that many clinical trial findings do not end up getting published.

Why It Is Bad News That Most Clinical Trial Findings Don't Get Published

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The problem with this is that the important information contained in these trials could be used to help a doctor or pharmaceutical services provider make wise decisions. When the results and outcome of the data cannot be studied and scrutinized, patients could suffer.

The Reasons Some Clinical Trial Findings Are Never Published

One big reason a clinical trial finding never reaches publication is that the people doing the research either end up taking on a project that they deem more important or they simply lose interest in the project. This could be because the results they are getting are not that interesting to them, even though the data might still be important.

Another more serious matter that sometimes determines why a particular clinical trial does not have published results is that the results are not satisfactory to the researcher, and the companies that are funding the research decide that they do not want the results to be made public. This is a particularly disturbing possibility because it makes one wonder exactly what they are trying to hide. This is not the case with all clinical trials; some are totally transparent with their findings, such as G and l scientific and others. However, it does happen and the public has the right to know.

Hope for Finding Clinical Trial Results

When it comes to studies done with children, the clinical trial results have to be published at While this is a step in the right direction, these results from the clinical trials are simply a gathering of raw data and the bare essentials when it comes to any type of real information.

This is a law when it comes to studies involving children, but the pharmaceutical industry gets a special kickback for testing drugs in children simply because it accelerates research into illnesses in kids. This is all public information that should be made available to everyone. When everyone gets on board and shares all of the data that is available, true progress can be made in the medical field.

FDA Confirms That Hepatitis Was Found in Scallops from Philippines

An outbreak of hepatitis A in Hawaii has been tentatively linked to scallops sourced from the Philippines.

FDA Confirms That Hepatitis Was Found in Scallops from Philippines

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According to the Daily Mail, the Hawaii Department of Health has said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) laboratory test results confirm the presence of the hepatitis A virus in frozen Sea Port Bay Scallops. De Oro Resources, Inc. in the Philippines was the producer, and the scallops were imported by a Washington state company, the Sea Port Products Corp.

Some 206 cases of hepatitis A have been confirmed. Symptoms of the disease include nausea, loss of appetite and fever.

Fallout from the Outbreak

The laboratory findings helped to validate the investigation of the Hawaii Department of Health. The department is working to ensure that no affected product remains in the state and to watch for any signs of additional infected individuals.

The outbreak of hepatitis A has resulted in an embargo throughout the state on this product, hence it cannot be sold and consumers are warned not to consume it.

The outbreak was determined to have probably been caused by the serving of raw scallops at 11 Genki Sushi restaurants on the islands of Kauai and Oahu. These restaurants were ordered to close and are required to dispose of a number of food-service supplies and disinfect their facilities before reopening.

What is Hepatitis A?

“Hepatitis” refers to the inflammation of the liver. There are three types of hepatitis, each caused by a different virus. Hepatitis A does not become chronic, and those suffering from it normally improve without requiring treatment. It usually spreads by ingestion of fecal matter, and its duration ranges from weeks to months.

About the FDA

The FDA has a broad mission. The agency regulates foods, including dietary supplements, prescription and non-prescription drugs, vaccines, medical devices, radiation-emitting electronic products, cosmetics, veterinary products and tobacco products.

The agency oversees the FDA 510k clearance process for medical devices. Companies such as the Third Party Review Group (TPRG) work on behalf of device manufacturers to streamline FDA approval through this program.

The FDA institutes food recalls and issues advisories and safety alerts. It investigates outbreaks and helps keep foods safe during emergencies. The agency is active in preventing illnesses caused by infected foods, as well as through chemicals, pathogens, pesticides, metals and natural toxins.