Saturday May 21, 2022

How to redirect a conversation that muddies

Sometimes conversations or negotiations take an unexpected twist that makes it clouding and raised a priori leave the scheme.

When a conversation becomes negative, it is useful to have a repertoire of responses that allows us to refloat these troubled times.

How to redirect a conversation that muddiesOptions to release tension in negotiations

Rethinking our proposal

A good tactic is usually rephrase the question from a different perspective, showing that confrontation is not to reaffirm that it is a debate and not a struggle over who is right.

Otherwise express

Instead of letting pass offensive words, suggest synonyms. If someone accuses us of coming too strong a meeting, we can justify that is a matter that we love. If we characterize as contumacious we can always indicate that we are committed when something is important to a successful effort.

Search affinities

If you had a positive intercity with whom we negotiated in the past, it always should remember the ability to find common ground, stressing that if there is a good record of working together is no reason to change that now.

Give the opportunity for a rethink

It’s always good to give people an opportunity to rethink and reconsider what they are stating, as is the case indicate, surely no other way to express it.

Undoubtedly, the key is to remain committed to our principles and at the same time, show tolerant and empathetic with our partners to avoid confrontation and build bridges to understanding.

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