Saturday May 21, 2022

The self-employed will be the key element for the company of the 21st century

The self-employed is called to be a key figure in the company of the 21st century. Flexibility is one of the paradigms of current work, where companies have to adapt to high peaks, but also take advantage of the specialized work of these professionals who often can not have on the payroll.

The problem is that, as with many other areas in the company, human resources are not taken care of. And the self-employed does not stop being a resource that the company has to carry out certain jobs. If you do not give value and the only thing you are looking for is to save labor costs , it is possible that you become a false self-employed person.

The self-employed who work with my company add value to it

If we have a closer relationship with him, we will take care of his work on a regular basis and we have even established a contract with him, it could be a TRADE, an economically dependent self-employed person . The fundamental difference with a company worker is that he is not subject to the organization of the same.

Then there are the high-value self-employed , who can work with the company at specific moments. They bill their services for the work done and until next time. It can be an accountant who works for us part-time, a lawyer, but also a computer technician or an electrician. The company is also interested in caring for their relationships with these professionals, since they know how it works and end up being very valuable partners for its proper functioning.

Some companies see it as an expense, others as an investment. These are professionals who come to our organization as specialists, but whose relationship with the organization transcends even these specific moments of work . In many cases they have more information about the company itself than the owner who has delegated to them because of the trust they have.

There are self-employed with such a close relationship with companies that even go to Christmas dinners

It is a relationship model that goes beyond. The company increasingly outsources more services, but it does not help to do it in any way. It is important to have contrasted professionals, not to look for someone’s cousin to make the web page, but to someone contrasted that offers us maintenance in the short and medium term, which proposes improvements and helps us grow . And just like in this issue in other important areas in the company, but in which we are not specialists.

But if they do not feel valued, if these professionals do not understand that they have a strategic relationship with the company , they are bargained in budgets until the last euro, the thing will not work well. In the end they will end up looking for other clients that if they value them and when a need arises in our company they will not be available.

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