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To all SUV! The Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S is already the fastest SUV in the Nürburgring with a time of 7: 49.369

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV is no longer the fastest production SUV of the Nürburgring . After remaining on the throne for more than a year, another SUV has been made with the title: the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S 4MATIC +. The Affalterbach model, without any modification and before a notary, has managed to lower the registration in more than two seconds, so from this moment and until another SUV will remove the position, will be the new king of the SUVs in the Green Hell. Continue reading

Seat IBE: Much More Than What You See

From all angles. This is how you have to look at this concept that already captured many looks during its premiere in the last Geneva Motor Show. It comes so evolved that Seat has not hesitated to let us try it before its release. Said and done. With the expectation of driving a prototype, I visit the circuit Castillo in Barcelona. In the short runway I see a tumult of people swirling around a tiny body. There’s the IBE. It is shorter, shorter and wider than an Ibiza. Welcome greetings and the first slogan: “We only have this unit, the same one that will be exposed in the room, so, please, not a single mishap.” So be it.

Four-sided sports

Before I get behind the wheel, they tell me their characteristics. The IBE has matured a lot since Geneva, although the base remains the same: it is a 100% electric vehicle that represents how Seat sees the future of urban mobility. This philosophy is not new and Mitsubishi, for example, has already put it on sale with i-MiEV. What happens is that the proposal of Seat incorporates an important element: its aesthetics. Who said that an electric car has to have a dull body? Look at the wide wheel arches, the short overhangs, the angles of pilots and headlights, the air intakes, do you like it? If so, what I’m going to overtake now is going to do even more, because these are the lines that will inspire future models of the brand.  And the first to collect this DNA will be the Lion in 2016, which will advance you, will have several bodies, not just the five-door. Jorge Díez, an exterior design specialist and project leader, continues to teach me more details. To reduce friction with asphalt, the 20-inch wheels are mounted on narrow 175-mm tires. All the lights are LED and the logos front and back are backlit.

Step inside. The dashboard is exquisitely clean. The central pillar on which the shift selectors are inserted gives a very pronounced lightness. The position at the wheel is comfortable and the brightness of the panoramic roof, bestial. Instead of the instrumentation clocks, a TFT screen provides all the necessary information. Two columns of diodes on both sides indicate the status of the batteries and the steering wheel incorporates a touchpad with which to change the information on the screen. More things: thanks to an unprecedented connectivity system in the Spanish brand, the driver can collect all the information on his phone and then analyze his driving. Shall we take action?

Soft and silent

It’s time to get going. Next to me Antonio Merino, responsible for electromobility of the department of electrical development. During the tour he explains that the most important brain of the system is the one that governs the batteries. He is in charge of optimizing the autonomy to the maximum (about 130 kilometers). In the first few meters I notice the softness, but above all, the ease with which it gains speed from stopped. Its start is forceful and the 0-50 km / h it does in 3.6 seconds. To be a concept, the feel of the steering and the pedals is very good.


Future plans are ambitious in the Spanish house. In 2016 will launch a new generation of the Lion with an aesthetic very similar to this IBE, which incidentally confirms Seat’s commitment to electro mobility.

5 Smart Car Buying Tips for Frugal Shoppers

When buying a car, you always expect to invest a large amount of money into a quality vehicle. However, you can also shop for your next car with a budget friendly strategy so that you do not overspend. Here are 5 smart car-buying tips for frugal shoppers.

  1. The first and most important tip is to sit down and truly determine if you are shopping for a new car because you absolutely need it or simply because you want something new. You may really need a new car if your current car is guzzling gas, broken, or if you do not yet have a vehicle. However, if your car is still in good condition and you can get a few more years out of it, it may be best to continue saving up and work with what you have for the time being, so that you are not spending a lot of money for no reason.
  2. Avoid leasing a car or buying a car brand new. This is never a good move. When you lease a car, it is not the best financial decision because you pay monthly, and in the end you do not have anything to show for it. It is comparable to renting an apartment as opposed to owning a condo or home. In the end you can sell a condo or home for some profit, but you are left with nothing when your rental agreement ends. In regard to buying a new car, this is also not a wise choice. A car’s value depreciates the second you drive it off the lot. You will never get back what you initially invested and are playing a lot extra simply to know that you were the first person to own the car. Instead, try buying a car that is only a year old so it will be in near perfect condition at a fraction of the cost!
  3. Research a variety of cars. Before you even head to the car dealership, scope out the web to see which cars fall in your price range. Also look at which features you’d prefer. You can check reviews, ratings as well as Consumer Reports. Also talk to friends or neighbors to ask about cars they like or what kind of car they currently drive.
  4. Set a budget and be realistic. Before you venture out, you need to know how much you can realistically afford to spend on your next car. Don’t simply consider the monthly payments; also look as the overall price including any fees, taxes and maintenance work you will need to pay for. In addition, consider the car’s gas mileage in order to determine if it will be an affordable car to drive (think Prius vs. SUV).
  5. Finally, you need to look into financing options. If you can pay cash, that is always the ideal way to go, but if you need to finance, be sure to get it yourself. Never stress over financing when you’re in the dealership, instead show up pre-approved with a loan from your personal bank or a credit union. This way you will have the power and ability to negotiate a deal with the dealership and often get a better price for the car you want!

Planning ahead and keeping these tips in mind will help you to shop frugally so that you can get the car you need and love without breaking the bank. Aside from inspecting the vehicle to ensure it shifts in sixth gear, you need to take financial precautions as well. Always be sure to shop around and do research first, buy a used car over leasing or purchasing brand new, set a budget, and get financed ahead of time.

So aggressive looks the new Kia Rio in these first official pictures

Kia anticipates the Paris Motor Show, where it will debut, and reveals today the new Kia Rio. The new Rio, without breaking with his predecessor, evolves in its design with a more aggressive front, more muscular side and almost vertical rear pilots with LED technology.

The new model leaves the 3 – door body to propose only 5 – door bodywork. The 2017 Kia Rio is 5 mm wide and 15 longer than the current model mm. The battle, meanwhile, grows 10 mm. Continue reading