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Great songs recorded on Rooftops

The roof of a building is a great place to go and think. It has also been the site of several pivotal moments in music history plus been the subject of a fair few songs as well. Do not go up onto your roof top looking for inspiration unless you know it to be safe. It is something that a Roofing Cheltenham company will definitely advise you not to do. Storm Roofing are the experts and only they should be going up there. Here are some famous songs and performances on roof tops.

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  1. Get back. As the Beatles came to the end of ther e long and winding road of a career as a group this recording from their last album, atop Abbey Road studios is an iconic recording that ends with Lennon’s trademark cheeky humour. He thanks the people watching for coming and hopes they pass the audition.
  2. U2. Where the streets have no name. The Joshua Tree was a real turning point for the Irish rockers as it established them as a force in the USA and cemented their global reach. Performing the song at 7th and Main in Downtown Los Angeles, and planning to do a few others, was going to be the video for the song. What they did not realise was that as soon as word got around that U2 were giving a free concert the streets became packed and the city was brought to a standstill.

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  1. The B Sharps. This seminal barbershop quartet was reunited one last time after Homer recounted the tale to his son Bart one evening. They ran through their big hit “Baby on Board ”, copied Lennon’s joke about auditions and went on with their lives.

“Downton Abbey” the Historical period Drama movie.

The 2019 Historical period drama movie “Downton Abbey” was based on the popular television series of the same name. Set amongst the scenic Countryside of Yorkshire and featuring The Earl and Countess of Grantham, Robert and Cora Crawley who lived in the rambling, old Abbey being visited by King George V and Queen Mary whilst on tour in the area. The King and Queen had previously arranged to visit Stately Homes Cotswolds but this trip had unfortunately fallen through at the last moment because a servant had misplaced A list of stately homes in the Cotswolds and the Royal household had to change plans and visit Downton Abbey instead.

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After all the cuffuffle of the Royals arriving at their Home the entire Downton Staff and servants’ lives descend into chaos, bickering and fighting ensue, creating turmoil and causing havoc in the home. After a foiled assassination attempt on the King by a man known only as Major Chetwode, the hero of the hour is the Grantham’s Son-in-law Tom Branson who tackles the would-be killer to the ground. Several twists and turns in this fairly complicated plot see a staff member being arrested for visiting a Gay Nightclub, an illegitimate daughter being told of her true heritage and an inheritance scandal being brought out into the open.

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The movie ends with the Crawley Family surmising that the Abbey will remain in their possession for many years to come despite all the drama of the Royal visit.

Top 10 Sporting Activities on Holidays

Holidays are a time for relaxation and enjoyment. However, if you are adventurous minded, it is also the time for you to get on new sporting activities! The terrain that you visit decides the kind of sporting activity that you can take up or learn during the course of the holiday. In this article, you will find the top 10 sporting activities that you can learn while you are on a holiday:

  • River Rafting: This is essentially done in mountainous regions on swift streams and rivers. It is a heady feeling to rush down the slide in a boat with gushing water. The Himalayan Rivers are perfect for river rafting, along with countries like Costa Rica and areas like Colorado and Montenegro. The sharper the turns on the river, the better will be the feeling!
  • Mountaineering: This is another sporting activity for the mountains. You have to learn to climb mountains and that is why rock climbing is another name that is given to this sport. The act of climbing rocks and reaching the summit is a thrilling experience and also an addiction for those who love the mountains.
  • Skydiving: Skydiving is a sport that satisfies, to some extent, man’s desire to fly! When you take off from a plane and float in the sky, few experiences can match up to it! Skydive Arizona is the best skydiving point in the world. You have to be very careful about the expertise and facilities before taking the leap of faith.
  • Paragliding: This is not as free-flowing as skydiving but offers enough thrills for you. The plus point of paragliding is that the parachute is able to guide you through to the end and you don’t have to worry about controlling your fall. Countries perfect for paragliding include USA, Austria, Indonesia and Brazil.
  • Scuba Diving: Now we come to water sports during holidays. The first on this list is definitely scuba diving or deep sea diving. As the name gives out, you can explore the beauty of the oceans deep down. Scuba diving is particularly fascinating in coral areas like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Lakshadweep and several other Pacific Islands.
  • Skiing: For those who love ice, skiing is an addiction! Originally a sport to hunt animals, skiing is now the preferred holiday sporting activity for those who visit snow-capped areas. Skiing is an excellent recreational activity and is comparatively easier to learn. So, almost everyone can try it out!
  • Surfing: Not the internet, mind you! Over here we are referring to ocean or sea surfing, that excellent sport of gliding over waves and experiencing the magic of being ‘water-borne’. Surfing is a popular sporting activity in Hawaii, Sri Lanka, USA and South Africa.
  • Wildlife Surveys: This sporting activity is for people who love the jungles and wild animals. You create a small group and go on a wildlife spotting safari. You can collect samples and exchange notes after these wildlife survey tours.
  • Desert Safari: There are many who love to travel through deserts in sturdy SUVs and revel in the heat of the desert. You can also try out sand skiing which is similar to ice skiing. The Middle East and the dunes of California and Michigan offer ample opportunities for Desert Safari.
  • Coastal Trekking: Love the calm of the ocean? Walk along the coastal lines in the peace and tranquillity of the oceans during your holidays. A very relaxing holiday sporting activity, coasting trekking is a favourite of many.

Top 4 Things to Remember When Arranging a Stag Party

You have been selected as the best man in your friend’s wedding. Other than the responsibilities of providing the rings, getting his wedding dress ready and ensuring that the groom reaches on time. You also have the responsibility to arrange a wonderful Birmingham Stag Do,which your friends will remember for always. If you are not sure as how to plan a successful bachelor party, no problem, I will define you the things. Continue reading

Birthday Parties

Fun and Games with Childrens Entertainers and Birthday Parties

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