Sunday Oct 02, 2022

What are the Different Types of Printers?

There are many, actually. You have laser printers that print text and black and white pages. Then there are inkjet printers that print coloured photos and black and white text. These have pros and cons just like any other product. Image credit The most basic printer is the inkjet, which is the cheapest. They work […]

Plasma spraying: benefits and applications

Plasma spraying is a popular surface treatment with a wide range of applications. It is a thermal spray coating process, which delivers a high quality covering with a very strong bond, achieved by combining a high temperature from a focused heat source, an inert spraying medium, such as argon, and high particle velocities. Image Credit […]

GoDaddy Suffers latest cyberattack

As the world’s biggest domain registrar, GoDaddy is in a vulnerable position when it comes to security issues, so it’s a bitter blow for the business that they have been the subject of another cyberattack, damaging their reputation. Image Credit Vishing Scam It seems the latest attack comes as a result of a ‘vishing’ or […]

What is tapping in manufacturing

In order to get a good fastening and a joint that without significant force will not pull out a screw or a nail, construction professionals do not drill – they tap. They use devices to provide an additional degree of protection to the joints and fixings. Image credit   Screws and bolts allow a good […]

How is Rubber Moulded?

When a tradesperson requires a component, they will often use the method of ‘Rubber Moulding’ to make their parts. Rubber moulding is a process that involves pouring a liquid into a mould and turning the liquid to form the shape you want. This type of rubber moulding is used in a variety of different ways, […]

What Are the Different Types of Generators?

There are a number of different types of generators and they all come with different features. The most common types of generators used today are gasoline and diesel generators. Many models of these are also classified as portable generators, however there are actually a number of differences in physical specifications, power output and usage between […]

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