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Electroless Nickel Plating Processes

Electroless Nickel Plating is a process which deposits an equally hard layer of nickel onto the surface of any solid surface, such as metal or wood. Nickel is extremely hard and has a high resistance to corrosion. Because of its resistance to corrosion it is used to build everything from car batteries to complex electronic circuits. It is also widely used in building machinery because it is corrosion resistant, extremely malleable (very thin), and ductile; in short, it’s perfect for work pieces which need to be very hard-wearing and strong. But electroplating generally uses a combination of several different processes to achieve the results desired. These are done by competent companies’ like Poeton.

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When electroless nickel plating a solid object, such as steel or aluminum, the metal object is exposed to an electric current which heats the object up and causes a deposit formation called an alloy, which is similar to porcelain. After the deposit cools, it is coated with another layer of another metal to create a finished product. One problem with this type of coating is that a very small amount of the deposited alloy will be left behind, causing a visible layer of metal beneath the plating layer. Another issue is that the amount of alloy left behind can significantly affect the thickness of the finish coating.

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There are two main types of electroplating. The first, known as hot dip galvanizing, is the more traditional method used to harden metals by inducing a high current that quickly hardens the alloy. The second, known as cold dip plating, makes use of a lower current level and allows the creation of a thicker layer of alloy. Electroless nickel plating process is used in conjunction with other types of plating to produce a wide range of hardening solutions.


The Damage That Can Be Caused by a Data Breach

One of the most common problems faced by companies today is the damage that can be caused by a data breach. There are different types of security measures that can be used to help to ensure that your information is safe. The first thing you will want to do is to notify all of your customers of the breach so you can advise them to change passwords as a precaution. Most businesses will be able to handle the problem, but it is always better to play it safe than sorry with Cyber Liability Insurance from JMP Cyber.

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The next thing you will want to do is to contact the authorities. It can often be difficult for a company to find out exactly what the problem is. The first thing you will want to do is to inform the police and let them take care of the situation. It can sometimes be difficult to figure out exactly which files have been compromised and which ones have not, but having a professional look at the system will be beneficial. A professional is more likely to catch the problem before it becomes a disaster.

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The last thing that you should do is to work with experts to improve security and ensure that a breach like this can not happen again. Doing this is an important step towards protecting your data so that you can continue to operate your business without worrying about your data being compromised.

Why you should hire excavators

The Excavator Hire is a specialist piece of heavy equipment that is used by many companies for different types of excavation work. The companies which need the excavator hire the machine from a reputable and well-known company, so that they are able to use the latest models of excavators. These excavators have been manufactured over many years ago and are still being used by many companies around the world. They are not only used for large scale construction work but also smaller scale projects such as a street cleaning project or a garden one. Excavator Hire from is a definite requirement.

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Excavator Hire companies in the United Kingdom also deal with other machinery such as the Bulldozer, which is used to dig up and remove soil, sand and gravel, and the Backhoe, which is used to carry out excavation on ground that is not very solid. Most Excavator Hire companies have experienced and highly trained engineers, who can operate all types of Excavators. Most excavators that are in use today have been manufactured over 40 years ago, and are still in great condition. They are run by a remote control, which enables them to be operated easily, no matter where they are located.

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The excavators are designed in a way so that they can be operated easily without having to take the driver out of his seat. They come in a wide variety of sizes and are operated by a remote control. If you are a busy company looking for the best way to renovate an area, then you should look into hiring excavators. There are many companies that deal with all types of plant machinery. The only thing that you will need to do is find one that is right for your needs and is reliable, because it is a large investment to make.


What are the Different Types of Printers?

There are many, actually. You have laser printers that print text and black and white pages. Then there are inkjet printers that print coloured photos and black and white text. These have pros and cons just like any other product.

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The most basic printer is the inkjet, which is the cheapest. They work by spraying a colour ink onto paper and then drying away. Another simple printer is the dot matrix, which is much more advanced than its counterparts. This type of printer uses a very unique technology that allows you to do things like change fonts and erase something on the screen. These machines can be expensive and are not a common purchase in most homes. For details on Sharp Printer lease, visit Elmrep

The different types of printers discussed above are just a few of the many available options. Each one has their own pros and cons, but all are pretty common and useful. If you are looking for a new printer, you may want to think about a few of these options before deciding on which one to buy. Either way, you will be happy with your purchase!

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If you are a graphic artist or a photographer, then you may want to consider purchasing a laser printer. These are great for printing pictures and art. However, if you are a business owner who prints t-shirts, flyers, banners and other large materials, then a colour printer may be your best bet. In addition, don’t forget about printing software either! This is extremely helpful if you are into designing or creating images and photos. Whether you want to print pictures from your digital camera or import them from your computer, there are plenty of options out there to help you get the quality results that you need!

Plasma spraying: benefits and applications

Plasma spraying is a popular surface treatment with a wide range of applications. It is a thermal spray coating process, which delivers a high quality covering with a very strong bond, achieved by combining a high temperature from a focused heat source, an inert spraying medium, such as argon, and high particle velocities.

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Even in the current testing industrial conditions, plasma spray is a growth part of the surface treatment sector, with 5.8% growth forecast in the period up to 2027. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and applications of this treatment.

Exploring plasma spraying

A plasma is achieved when a gas has been heated to the temperature at which it ionises, becoming electrically conductive. The temperatures required are in the region of 10,000 to 15,000 degrees Celsius. The temperature will vary depending on the gas used. Plasma spray can be used to cover a massive range of parts with almost any ceramic or metallic material, whilst also keeping the substrate free from distortion.

Benefits of plasma spraying

As intimated above, one of the biggest benefits of plasma spraying is that both large and small components can be sprayed with a huge range of metals or refractory ceramics.

Components treated with plasma spraying are imbued with superior corrosion protection and wear resistance, making them highly appropriate for use in inhospitable environments, or in machines with many moving parts.

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Another benefit of plasma spraying is increased clearance control when working with abrasives and abradables. Plasma spraying also provides great resistance against heat and oxidation, whilst simultaneously offering great temperature management. Finally, electrical conductivity or resistivity can be controlled by applying a surface coating using plasma spraying techniques.


The versatile nature of plasma coatings mean that they are often towards the top of many engineers’ lists as a method to coat components.

Some applications include protecting components against high temperatures and using thermal barrier coatings on parts, such as gas turbine combustion hardware. Printing rolls used for laser engraving could be sprayed with chrome oxide ceramic to provide great wear resistance.

Similarly, spraying molybdenum onto components such as diesel engine piston rings protects against galling, whilst erosion and abrasion protection can be provided on all manner of items such as tools.

What coatings can be used?

Generally speaking, plasma coatings come in four main categories: Ceramic coatings include chrome oxide, zirconium oxide, and aluminium oxide. Abradable coatings include nickel chrome, nickel graphite, and nickel aluminium.

Sometimes carbides such as tungsten carbide and chrome carbide are favoured, whilst pure metals or alloys like nickel, aluminium, and copper molybdenum are also available.

Each of the different coating materials are chosen due to these properties offered, making plasma spraying an incredibly versatile method of protecting and even enhancing components.

When selecting the most appropriate method and materials to treat the surface of your components, it is important to consider carefully how and where these component parts are to be used.

GoDaddy Suffers latest cyberattack

As the world’s biggest domain registrar, GoDaddy is in a vulnerable position when it comes to security issues, so it’s a bitter blow for the business that they have been the subject of another cyberattack, damaging their reputation.

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Vishing Scam

It seems the latest attack comes as a result of a ‘vishing’ or voice spear-phishing scam, where employees were targeted by hackers, who called them by telephone and pretended to be a trusted person, possibly the legitimate owner of the domain. Once a hacker has control of a domain name, they’re in a powerful situation as they can then send emails from the domain and it is very hard to notice a cyberattack has taken place. By directing the domain’s email service to a different email platform, they can then take control of communications and use this to reset passwords to get access to sensitive information held by third-party services.

Vishers Targeting Employees

Vishing is a very complex scam as the hackers have to do a lot of research into the employees. They can get this information from social media accounts, but they also need to be able to speak to the employees in their native language and be successful in convincing them that they are the person they claim to be. Because of the size of GoDaddy, it makes their employees particularly vulnerable to targeted attacks like this. The lower-level members of staff who have access to privileged information are most likely to be targeted.

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Employee Training

To stop cyber criminals gaining access, there needs to be a zero trust principle which states that before there is any connectivity, a user should be authenticated and access should be validated. If the employees at GoDaddy had more regular ongoing training in social engineering and phishing strategies, it’s likely that they would have been more aware of the threat and wouldn’t have handed over control.

Do your research

If you’re looking to buy a domain name, you can read more about how this cyberattack took place and the implications of it in CPO Magazine. There are many providers of domain names, such as, who are less vulnerable to cyberattack because they are not as big as GoDaddy.

Think carefully before you arrange your domain. The provider should have robust security measures in place to reduce the risks of cyberattack.

What is tapping in manufacturing

In order to get a good fastening and a joint that without significant force will not pull out a screw or a nail, construction professionals do not drill – they tap. They use devices to provide an additional degree of protection to the joints and fixings.

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Screws and bolts allow a good link between materials using a thread. But by drilling, a thread is not formed. This stems from tapping. For a drill, a tapping system uses rather a different operation. With smooth sides, drilling produces a vacuum. A tapping machine uses an action on the side of the hole which creates a thread.

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A thread to the bottom of a hole is cut by bottom tapping devices. In materials which are prone to cracking, taper taps progressively build a hole with a thread. In holes that go through a material, plug taps add threads. For general-purpose programmes, hand taps are. For deep hole tapping, spiral pointed taps are effective because they push material forward into the hole thanks to placing threads at those threads.


It is not surprising, with so many different types of taps, that different taps need to be used for different materials and with every project. Factors such as a hole’s width and depth or whether it goes through a material affect the option of what kind of tap should be applied.


Suppliers of tapping machines such as Cotswold Machinery Sales use pneumatic force and swivel arms for many tapping jobs to give adaptable speed. Machines that can fit in and be used in smaller rooms provide versatility and improve investment returns. Also many versions are compact. They are able to discuss the best options with you for relevant tapping machines based on your personal requirements.

How is Rubber Moulded?

When a tradesperson requires a component, they will often use the method of ‘Rubber Moulding’ to make their parts. Rubber moulding is a process that involves pouring a liquid into a mould and turning the liquid to form the shape you want. This type of rubber moulding is used in a variety of different ways, but mostly it is used to make rubber parts for products that need them.

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You can see how rubber moulding can be useful when you are trying to make your own parts, because you can make your moulds from real rubber. There are also several companies that produce rubber parts which have already been made by others. You can order these rubber parts from one of these companies. The companies who are able to produce these parts cheaply will usually be able to give you a discounted price on the part that you need. You can find the companies that produce these parts at Rubber Mouldings suppliers at a site like Meadex

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When you are looking to order some rubber mouldings, you will find that they come in various types of colours and styles. The colours available depend on how much colour is needed, so you may have to do a little research on the part you are interested in ordering. You should make sure that when you are ordering these products you are ordering enough of them so that they will all match together. Rubber moulding will not last forever, so you need to be sure that you have enough for each product you order so that you don’t run out of rubber mouldings as soon as you receive them.

What Are the Different Types of Generators?

There are a number of different types of generators and they all come with different features. The most common types of generators used today are gasoline and diesel generators. Many models of these are also classified as portable generators, however there are actually a number of differences in physical specifications, power output and usage between standalone generators and portable generators.

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It’s important to know what each of the different types of generator is and how they work before deciding to purchase or hire one. There are some basic categories to categorize the different types of equipment. The most popular categories are gas, electric, and natural gas-powered generators. Gas powered generators have been the most widely used types in the past, but recently electric generators have been gaining popularity as well. Natural gas and propane powered generators are some of the more popular options today, but both can be considered portable devices. Some generators that produce both gas and electricity are known as combination generators. The two major types of generators that are currently available for purchase are gas and electric generators. For Gas Generators, find more info on gas generators here

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Whether your generator will be a diesel- or gas-powered generator is an important consideration. Gas powered generators may be preferred in larger towns and cities. A variety of accessories and extras should be taken into consideration before making a purchase or hire decision.

What Makes the Combination of Water and Electricity so Dangerous?

It is a known fact that water and electricity make a very dangerous combination. In fact, a lot of electricians and people such as facilities management companies Bristol spend a large proportion of their jobs ensuring that there is no way that water and electricity come into contact with each other. But what is it about this particular combination that makes it so deadly?

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Water itself is not a great conductor of electricity, in fact electricians can use a special sort of water that is purified in laboratories. All of the impurities are taken out, and this water is actually an excellent insulator for electrics and does not conduct electricity at all. It is the chemicals within the water that make it so much better at conducting electricity, and the sea conducts electricity even better than fresh water, due the high salt content.

Once the substances that are in the air and the ground start to dissolve in the water, it then becomes very good at conducting electricity. The substances that dissolve, particularly salts, contain both positively and negatively charged ions. Even a small number of ions will give the water the ability to conduct electricity. The electricity will head for the oppositely charged ions, and if a person happens to be in the way then they will end up receiving a large electric shock, which depending on the circumstances may be fatal.

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It is for this reason that electricians are particularly careful around water and electricity as it only takes a very small amount of water to conduct electricity.