Saturday May 21, 2022

“Downton Abbey” the Historical period Drama movie.

The 2019 Historical period drama movie “Downton Abbey” was based on the popular television series of the same name. Set amongst the scenic Countryside of Yorkshire and featuring The Earl and Countess of Grantham, Robert and Cora Crawley who lived in the rambling, old Abbey being visited by King George V and Queen Mary whilst on tour in the area. The King and Queen had previously arranged to visit Stately Homes Cotswolds but this trip had unfortunately fallen through at the last moment because a servant had misplaced A list of stately homes in the Cotswolds and the Royal household had to change plans and visit Downton Abbey instead.

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After all the cuffuffle of the Royals arriving at their Home the entire Downton Staff and servants’ lives descend into chaos, bickering and fighting ensue, creating turmoil and causing havoc in the home. After a foiled assassination attempt on the King by a man known only as Major Chetwode, the hero of the hour is the Grantham’s Son-in-law Tom Branson who tackles the would-be killer to the ground. Several twists and turns in this fairly complicated plot see a staff member being arrested for visiting a Gay Nightclub, an illegitimate daughter being told of her true heritage and an inheritance scandal being brought out into the open.

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The movie ends with the Crawley Family surmising that the Abbey will remain in their possession for many years to come despite all the drama of the Royal visit.

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