Friday May 20, 2022

Great songs recorded on Rooftops

The roof of a building is a great place to go and think. It has also been the site of several pivotal moments in music history plus been the subject of a fair few songs as well. Do not go up onto your roof top looking for inspiration unless you know it to be safe. It is something that a Roofing Cheltenham company will definitely advise you not to do. Storm Roofing are the experts and only they should be going up there. Here are some famous songs and performances on roof tops.

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  1. Get back. As the Beatles came to the end of ther e long and winding road of a career as a group this recording from their last album, atop Abbey Road studios is an iconic recording that ends with Lennon’s trademark cheeky humour. He thanks the people watching for coming and hopes they pass the audition.
  2. U2. Where the streets have no name. The Joshua Tree was a real turning point for the Irish rockers as it established them as a force in the USA and cemented their global reach. Performing the song at 7th and Main in Downtown Los Angeles, and planning to do a few others, was going to be the video for the song. What they did not realise was that as soon as word got around that U2 were giving a free concert the streets became packed and the city was brought to a standstill.

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  1. The B Sharps. This seminal barbershop quartet was reunited one last time after Homer recounted the tale to his son Bart one evening. They ran through their big hit “Baby on Board ”, copied Lennon’s joke about auditions and went on with their lives.
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