Saturday May 21, 2022

Capability Brown would have loved a Grab lorry

One of the foremost designers of our landscape gardens is Lancelot “Capability” Brown. The effects of this man’s designs and influences are still felt today with modern park, garden and landscape design. A great part of our country houses have wide open spaces and tree lined drives because of this man. It’s also a good bet that a large lake stuck in the middle of it is down to him as well.

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Before Brown the general consensus on gardens was that they should be walled and formal. What this meant was long lines of regimented flower beds and topiary cut into boxes, circles and triangles. This was a statement that humans controlled nature and it did as it was bid, growing exactly how and where we wanted it to. The Walled garden was an attempt to recreate the garden of Eden. Naturally this was only for the very rich to visit and enjoy but we can do so now with a visit to a National Trust or English Heritage site.

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Brown blows this all out of the window. He suggests that the garden should be more a country park where you can see nature red in tooth and claw. He designs ingenious gravity fed lakes and waterfalls. There are rolling slopes and hillocks with an abundance of trees. Amongst all this are walks and pathways.


This means ripping out all the formal gardens. A huge amount of work requires a lot of men. He would have loved to have a Grab Lorry Hire Cheltenham company like to speed this up.

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