Friday May 27, 2022

Moving to the Countryside and the Housing Boom in the UK

Moving out to the countryside has not usually been something that is particularly alluring to many Londoners, or even possible for most. London is well known to be the place to be if you want to advance in your career, get the job of your dreams and have a buzzing social life packed full of bars, clubs restaurants and nights and days out! But last year, as the country went into lockdown, the normality of everyday life ground to a halt and many people started to think about their future.

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Big cities like London were much more affected by the pandemic sweeping the globe, and for many people, living in the city felt particularly risky. As well as this, many companies had no choice but to ask their staff to work from home – something which has been a huge success for some, and something that both employers and employees may continue doing indefinitely.


This has meant that people are able to consider where they live without thinking of how close it is to the office – after all if home is where the office is you can make it just about anywhere with an internet connection!

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People moving from the city to the countryside, is only a small part of the high demand for homes, however. Last summer it was announced that there would be a stamp duty holiday, which also prompted many people to make the move whilst this was on offer. Although in some cases even without this is possible to get and SDLT refund.

Currently the housing market in the UK is booming and you need to be quick to get what you want, with reports of houses going for well over the asking price, we know one thing – now is a great time to be an estate agent!

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