Saturday May 21, 2022

10 tips to be happy

Life is meant to be experienced with joy. We often believe that we do not deserve to have a good life and be happy. However, happiness is a choice. It is not something that happens to us and about which we have no decision or influence.

In order to achieve happiness, there must be a recognition that what do and we think influences it and change all actions and thoughts that are against our own happiness. Here are 10 tips to be happy that can be helpful to improve your life.

1. Pleasure

Find pleasure wherever you go, whether the circumstances are negative or positive, it creates pleasure. Start and end with pleasing yourself. Be a more agile receiver of all the delight that this life has to offer.

2. Play

Think of the playground, where the sound of laughter and singing can be heard. Seek joy with others; get them involved in the game. Even if it is a wink, a friendly compliment or make your children dirty in the mud … play!

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3. Forget the drama

Do not make a drama of everything that happens to you in life. Stop paying attention to everything that is bad, that you can sympathize with or get sympathy. Also stop giving so much to others, instead of giving it to yourself. First of all, fill your own empty holes. While you’re at it, stop reading all the media drama that has nothing to do with you. There is nothing more that can help you with the drama than to stop it., a drama based on fear does not give happiness.

4. Find peace of mind

Sit down to absorb the tranquility. At first, you may feel uncomfortable, but the more you do, the more you connect with yourself. And the more connected you are, the less needy you will feel because the tranquility that peace can give you longs for is vital to achieving happiness.

5. Accept yourself as you are.

Accepting oneself is the main key to achieving happiness. When you really get all your faults to be a gift, it makes achieving happiness easier. Self-acceptance leads to a happiness that many people never get to experience. Accepting yourself as you are is also a crucial step to love other people because if you do not love yourself it is impossible to love others.

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6. Stop going for approval

No one has to approve or validate what you do or how you do things. Happiness comes from the pursuit of your passion or feeling of happiness within you. It is from that place in the interior that you begin to understand what you like and what often blocks us is to seek the approval of others. Many people live their lives on the basis of other people and never experience true happiness.

7. Do not block pain

When pain is stopped or avoided, happiness is also avoided. All amounts of emotion must be equal in all. If you block an emotion, you block all the emotions, so the experience is more muted or even depression … Do not hide from the pain, allow it!

8. You are worthy to be happy, believe it!

Sometimes one is just waiting for another misfortune. They worry about being too happy because they think the goblins of misery will soon remind them of their bad luck in life. If you are one of those people who have a phobia about happiness, as if you had to fight the titans and suffering in life before you considered yourself worthy of being happy, remember that you are worthy now, right now, just the way you are!

9. Be an active person

Literally, do something physical. Take care of the garden, exercise, that is, do something that stimulates you physically. Pleasure and happiness abound when one is physically involved. While you’re at it, it’s a good time to get rid of some of the old beliefs about happiness, those that return you to being depressed and/or regretful. Gain clarity, clear those evil thoughts and start to move.

10. Forget the result

The attachment to things that have to be in a certain way or to wait for the moment when you become happy can prevent you from achieving happiness. You can feel that your current circumstances should dictate your level of happiness. You may think that you have to achieve fate, reach the goal to deserve happiness. You never reach the destination when you are waiting to be happy. It remains elusive. Happiness is not the goal; it is the way to the result. The stress and disappointment are based on expectations, check how many of them are realistic and which are not, ask yourself why you cling to them. Therefore, you can let yourself go and be happy.

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