Friday May 20, 2022

5 New Bathroom Gadgets

Many years ago, the “toilet of the future” was introduced at the World Fair in Chicago. Although the toilet has impressive at that point in time, today’s toilets have advanced features, such as self cleaning functions, LED lighting, and heated seats. Besides toilets, there are many other smart gadgets that are now available in stores.

1.  Programmable Shower System And High Tech Tubs

Programmable shower systems cost around $7,000 in stores. The Watermark Design shower system features a color, digital, touch screen. The touch screen controls the shower lighting, the volume of an audio device, and the water temperature.

The digital interface lets users program their own custom shower experience. Once the setup is complete, each user can recall specific presets by pressing a button.
A programmable shower also has thermostatic valves that regulate the cold and hot water so that everyone enjoy a constant temperature.

If you prefer baths instead of showers, Kohler’s VirbrAcoustic bathtub can sooth your sore muscles as sonic sounds blast below and above the water. You can choose one of the preset installed songs or your own tunes with a personal device. Some tubs also have an aromatherapy system that emits colorful lights to evoke different moods.

2. Shower Music Systems

The sound of a shower usually overpowers the sound of a radio. However, the Moxie Showerhead solves this problem because there is a speaker inside the showerhead.
Kohler also offers a showerhead speaker. The amplifier and the speaker that can be removed for charging. Kohler’s showerhead is made of plastic, so the process of removing calcium deposits is much easier.

According to a study, a musical showerhead provides the best sound in bathrooms that do not have hard tile surfaces. These surface generate an echo, which degrades the music quality.

3.  Advanced Toilets

The Neorest 700H is a very small toilet that uses electrolyzed water during cleaning tasking. The unit also has a heated seat, an air purifier, and an air dryer. Users do not have to touch the toilet after use because it has a hands-free automatic flush feature. At most stores, the Neorest 700H will not cost less than $4,000.

4. Automatic Taps

The Dyson Airblade Tap will wash and dry your hands. Although the motor is small, it can dry your hands within 15 seconds.An automatic tap helps homeowners save a lot of water because it only provides water when someone activates the fixture. As a result, an automatic tap will pay for itself. Self-closing taps and push-down taps do not close quickly. As a result, homeowners waste water after each use, which leads to higher utility bills. Homeowners save even more money because an automatic tap does not require a lot of maintenance.

5. Fancy Taps

If you prefer a sink that has jazzed up features, you should purchase the Graff Ametis faucet. It has a light ring that displays the water temperature during each use. The unit glows red when the water is hot and blue when the water is cold.

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