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A quick guide to funeral flowers

When selecting flowers, the ones you choose should tell the same story as the relationship you had with that person. Was the deceased the love of your life? A family member? A friend? Here are a few hints to assist your decision with funeral flowers.


These are often thought of as the go-to flower for funerals and there are important meanings behind this very aromatic flower. Lilies indicate that the deceased soul has returned to a peaceful state of innocence.

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Peace Lily Plant

As with lilies, this plant stands for innocence and rebirth of the soul departing from the hard physical world to a better place. When you need a Funeral Directors Essex, visit a site like Bennetts, a leading Funeral Directors Essex


Roses are very popular funeral flower and each rose colour has a different sentiment. White symbolise purity and spirituality. For funerals, traditional dark red roses evoke loss and love. Yellow roses are often given by friends to show their bond. Dark pink roses can be used to express gratitude to the deceased.


No matter what colour, orchids have a universal meaning: “I will always love you.”

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Unlike other flowers, chrysanthemums have varied meanings globally. In America and Europe, they focus on compassion and honour. Colour plays a role in the sense as well, with red meaning love and white symbolising purity.


Carnations are often used in bouquets and sprays. As with other flowers, each colour has its own meaning, similar to chrysanthemums.

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