Monday May 23, 2022

Attending a Fun Party on the Beach

The long hot summer days have arrived at last and you’ve been invited to attend a local beach party on the sands fairly close to your home.  The party will start in the afternoon and continue into the evening, so think about how you will travel there, what you will wear and what items you will take.  There will be plenty to eat and drink so you might decide that you don’t want to drive so that you can participate in the alcoholic beverages on offer. The hosts of the party have informed all their guests that they have a selection of Portable Bars provided by companies like Barlok Bars  that will be providing the drinks so you know there will be plenty of choice.

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Take a small selection of warm clothing with you for when the evening turns chilly and wear something practical for swimming, beach games and dancing.  A bikini or swimming costume worn underneath a longer lace cover up or sarong could be one idea. A tea shirt and shorts or long floaty dress over your costume another.  Find out from other friends attending the party how they intend to get there.  Cadge a lift with them if they are driving or get a kitty together and hire a taxi so all of you can have a drink if you want.

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Take a bottle of sun protection cream, a hat and dark glasses so you are protected from the harmful sun’s rays and have a fantastic time.

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