Monday May 23, 2022

Beautiful Flowers around us everywhere

The Summer weather is finally here and with is an abundance of beautiful flowers popping up all over the garden. It truly is a beautiful time of year for sitting outside and enjoying the sights, sounds and aromas of nature.

If like me, you are searching for inspiration for your wedding flowers you could take a trip out for the day and it could be one of the Things to do in Market Harborough.  You will see many ideas in the grounds but for more information on what else to do whilst your there you could visit sites like

Here are some of the top flowers used in bouquets this year.

  • Roses – these flowers and synonymous with romance and love and that is why they are often used at weddings both in the bouquets of the brides and as table and venue decorations.  There are over three thousand different varieties of roses that are grown on a commercial basis each year and they cover virtually ever colour you can think of.
  • Calla Lily – these trumpets like flowers combine the beauty and look of both tulips and lilies. In Africa, where they originate from they are a symbol of beauty. Again, you can find these flowers in a variety of colours including yellow, orange, pink and dark purple along with the traditional ivory tone.

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  • Peony – This is a large headed flower that has both a bright colour and strong perfumed smell. There are two main types, the tree peony and the herbaceous variety. Both can be used for cut flowers although the tree peony’s flowers don’t last as long as its herbaceous counterpart. The plant was original cultivated in Asia and is over a thousand years old it was picked up and developed further by the French as another example of beauty and elegance.
  • Gardenia – This is a popular choice for table decorations, corsages, hair accessories and button holes for men. For those couples looking for a minimalist feel to their table decorations you will often find a solitary gardenia floating in a crystal bowl filled with water.  They emit a beautiful and somewhat intoxicating fragrance. It was this perfume that attracted the attention of the English sea captain who was travelling through South Africa in 1754 and caused him to bring home a plant as a souvenir of his trip.

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Whatever flowers you decide to have on your wedding day be sure to use the services of professional florists or flower providers to make sure that you get the best quality plants for your big day.

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