Wednesday May 18, 2022

Being more security conscious

Theft is a crime that occurs every 40 seconds in the UK and is a crime that affects many people. Burglary is classified as a forced entry to a residence for the purpose of committing a crime of theft. It is a very emotional experience and upsetting to find that you have been robbed. It’s not just that you might have lost valuable property but also that your private, personal space has been attacked. Even if nothing is stolen, the thought of a stranger is in your home can be very distressing.

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Some homeowners may feel they are to blame if they neglected to lock the door or window, or they were deceived by thieves, but remember not to blame yourself. Everybody makes mistakes when it comes to security, but that does not mean you intentionally invited thieves in! Look around your property and try to assess where security can be improved. Maybe it’s time for the doors and windows to be upgraded. New double glazed UPVC windows and doors has some great security features and makes it much more difficult for thieves to enter. Find out more about UPVC Windows Swindon at a site like Kingfisher windows, suppliers of UPVC Windows Swindon

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Some security tips:

Keep ladders out of sight

Do not leave open the side gate and check that they are locked and secure

Do not leave low level windows open at night even during the summer

Install new windows and doors to increase security

Leave some lights on or the radio on when you go out

Check all doors and windows are locked before you go out


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