Friday May 20, 2022

Best 5 Keyboard apps for Android

Keyboards are very important and without a good keyboard you cannot communicate using your Smartphone. Keyboards are one of the most important app that you have to select from a security point of view. There are great keyboards available suitable for Android phones and tablets. Each keyboard app will be having their own features and flaws. You must choose a keyboard that fits with your lifestyle. Here are given best 5 keyboards apps  suitable for Android gadgets.

  1. Booble

Booble is a popular keyboard app available on Google Play Store and it is has finest typing interfaces also provides a funny face maker facility. You can type in a traditional way, or by swiping also you can make your own face funny by clicking one picture of you and inserting in the funny readumade cartoons. The application uses artificial intelligence to understand your writing style. The app is excellent to manage multiple language and special character will work for all languages automatically.

  1. GIF

GIF is an excellent all around keyboard with lots of interesting features. It allows users to swipe easily and provides suggestions for auto-correction and auto-fill. The stylish keyboard offers minimalist approach and on usage, it could replace our written language within messaging.

  1. Swype

Swype is one of the best keyboard apps for Android, to be used for swiping. It employs the glide method for character input and the app learns from your messaging habit, updating the dictionary automatically and by adding new phrases when you type messages. It creates spaces automatically between words to speed up your typing.

  1. Minuum

Minuum is not a typical QWERTY keyboard. Even though the position of the letters remains similar, the entire alphabet will be appearing on the same line. It is a great keyboard, for those who wants to see messages during conversation on screen while users type a reply.

  1. Fleksy

Fleksy provides best typing speed to users. It has a large keyboard and by swiping up and down, you may correct words, choosing from the list of recommendations. It performs quite well even with those words which are difficult to spell.

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