Friday May 20, 2022

British consumers demand faster and more flexible deliveries

Driven by online giants such as Amazon and ASOS fashion, expectations for quick delivery times have skyrocketed. Next-day delivery has become a real possibility for the delivery of a range of goods from books to medicines. However, these expectations vary according to demographics such as age and location, and understanding this has become a priority for couriers across the country.

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High expectations

A new study from the delivery management company Whistl uncovered helpful data for couriers in Bracknell pertaining to which products a company sells and when its customers will expect their delivery. Overall, around a third of shoppers responded that they are willing to wait two to three days or more for their purchases, which is the current industry standard. The majority of respondents were females who live outside of London.

Next-day or nothing

However, London males were the most impatient online shoppers, with this category expecting next-day delivery as standard. There was also the expectation that deliveries should be more flexible, with shoppers being able to select their delivery times. Given that many London residents do not know their neighbours or have a safe place to receive a package while they’re out, this is understandable.

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Where’s my package?

Tracking a package or delivery is also a new expectation as experienced by couriers such as those at Whether it’s a new lampshade or a pizza, customers want to see the real-time tracking of their order to know it’s en route.

Those willing to wait

However, not all shoppers are so impatient. The study also showed that around a quarter of shoppers were still willing to wait seven days to get their product. Around 16 per cent of this number belonged to the under-24 age group, while around 40 per cent of those over 65 answered the same way. Across all regions and age groups, women were prepared to wait longer than men for their purchases.

The future of deliveries

With expectations rising, it’s hardly surprising that couriers are scrambling to find ever better and faster ways to get packages to their customers. Robots and drones are often cited as the next big thing, with inner-city options looking to be cut down to one hour. Keep your eyes to the sky the next time your package is late!

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