Wednesday May 18, 2022

Browsing Over Internet-What Options Should Be Considered For Web Designing?

Browsing over internet is one of the most common things that everybody does. A new trend in browsing is doing it through smart phones like iPhone and ipad .Some web designing resources can make your mobile applications aesthetically good and well structured.

320 and Up

It is the standard approach that design at the desktop can be scaled down. It is a tool kit for writing HTML 5 code. Through this a web designer can create multiple designs.

Mobile Boilerplate

It supports many new features that have tools for creating mobile websites. Multiple technologies like symbian, black berry and IE mobile browsers, it has separate versions of all types of technologies.

jQuery Mobile

It also supports symbian phones, smart phones and windows phones. It comes up with many other dynamic and sharp features.

960 Grid on jQuery Mobile

It has additional functionalities. It provides plug-ins that help certain layout and grids to show in a more enhanced way.


It is similar like jQuery mobile app. This is basically used for small file sizes. It has a syntax that is compatible and you do not need to redesign anything.


It makes things easier to develop things for I Phone and android apps. It provides much unique functionality that no other app has.


This frame work allows you to create magazine style layouts very easily. This style works great over mobile platforms as they did on desktop. They are quiet helpful if you are trying to create magazine style layouts and tablet reading.

WPtouch Pro

This is much in expensive plug-in for wordpress.It is helpful in creating all the mobile versions of your wordpress sites. Now you can create child themes to aesthetic ell designed professional themes.

W3C mobileOK Checker

If you want to design your web app in a friendly way then this provides you with the best options available. It provides you a sort of validation tools .It helps in checking different criteria’s like file size, units compatibility etc. It helps you to know that that how many external resources you have embedded in to. Thus it helps you in checking multiple things.

Liquid CSS Layouts for iPhone

It gives you so much variety of lay outs in different colors and variations. They help you to work on different browsers on desktop plus it is compatible with I Phoneas well. Thus you can use it to add variation and to get a quick start.


It allows yu to test your sites on the desktop by running on safari. It is similar like you are testing on iphone. Thus iPhoney has made testing much easier through your desktop.


It loads your website in iPad canvas size. It allows you to do testing in both portrait and landscape orientations. It allows doing testing in different browsers that it is working in both orientations properly or not.

Opera Mini Simulator

It works under java application script. Opera software had released it themselves. Opera mini is a very popular application on certain handsets. It runs on your browser and it is popular for many smart phones and handsets. It provides you with so many options of testing that you can use it for your iphone.

Thus web designing have become much easier now. It provides you with plenty of options through different tools available for testing.

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