Friday May 20, 2022

Can you name eight types of glazing?

When it comes to window glass there’s more to think about than simply whether you want single or double glazing. Here’s a quick look at the eight different types of glazing.

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Fire-protection glass

As you can probably guess from the name, fire protection glass is designed to withstand high temperatures. This type of glazing has been weaved between the panels with a special layer of hard resin. This increases the breaking point from 260°C to 800°C. It’s a good choice for densely-packed residential areas.

Self-cleaning glass

For many homeowners, the idea of self-cleaning glass sounds like a dream come true. The glazing features a coating made from titanium dioxide, this, in turn, responds to sunlight by changing nearby water molecules into hydroxyl radicals which can break down organic matter. Once broken to smaller particles they will be washed away by rain.

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Frosted glass

There’s a good chance you have seen frosted glass before, most probably in a bathroom. This glazing is covered in tiny bumps which diffuse the light rays and makes it hard to see exactly what’s on the other side.

Annealed glass

Annealed glass is a cheaper alternative to tempered glass. The glass is left to cool slowly at room temperature for a steady finish, making it resistant to shattering during installation.

Tempered glass

To create tempered glazing, the glass has a final stage of heating to improve its strength. Tempered glass will only ever shatter into small pieces not large fragments, making it good for public spaces and furniture.

Low-E glass

Low-emissivity glass is a popular type of glazing which reflects heat through a coating of microscopically-thin metal that bounces sun rays back. Ideal for those who want to control temperatures in both summer and winter.

Safety glass

Safety glass is reinforced with a thin layer of hardy plastic such as polyurethane. The layer helps hold the glass aloft so that it won’t fall even if it breaks. If your window breaks and you live in Leicestershire, call Leicester emergency glaziers, and ask for safety glass when the window is refitted.


Double glazing has the added bonus of reducing noise by up to 75%, however, those who live near a flight path can get glass with an acoustic dampening plastic between the glazing panels for serious noise reduction.

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