Saturday May 21, 2022

Choosing the right blinds for your home

In recent times, curtains were the go-to covering for our windows and patio doors, whilst blinds tended to be used only in damper areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. With modern design trends and newer types of blinds, however, there has been a growth in the use of blinds all through our homes.

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Many people prefer blinds because they fit more in a minimalist style home and are quick and easy to keep clean, but they can also be a great way to control the temperatures in our homes, saving energy costs and money.

Blinds are often closer to the windows than curtains and more tightly fitted, so closing them during winter can really help keep the heat in from our central heating systems.

As the Huffington Post points out, keeping them closed during the day in summer works the other way, keeping out the sun and helping rooms stay cooler..

Bathrooms and kitchens

Blinds are still useful when it comes to those damper rooms in our houses. There are even modern designs of blinds that are fully waterproof to use in these areas, such as the waterproof roller blinds available from sites like PVC waterproof roller blinds.

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Blackout blinds are available for bedrooms if you need complete darkness to help you drift off, but any type of blind gives a neat and stylish look in bedrooms. However, ensure any blinds in children’s rooms are either cordless or have a correctly fitted mechanism to ensure cords will pop open should children get caught up in them.

Consider the different types

Venetian blinds and shutters are more basic and not as decorative as other styles, but they offer great control over light levels entering a room, look neat and tidy, and are suitable for any type of room.

Roller blinds are great for damp areas, but you can also get ones printed in a vast array of patterns and styles, or even with your own photo printed on them.

Roman blinds are a more stylish option, but they can be prone to wear if in constant use and may require the replacement of cords every so often.

Swedish blinds are another stylish option, but they can be fiddly to re-roll repeatedly. Like Roman blinds, they can become worn if in constant use.

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