Wednesday May 18, 2022

Christmas in London – Top Bars to visit on Christmas party night

It’s that time of the year again – and with it comes Christmas party season! The time of year when people in workplaces up and down the country forget the daily grind and go out together for a good old knees up. If you are lucky enough to be based in London, like London SEO agency Elevate UK, you have a great choice of cool bars to visit, there is bound to be something in the list below that appeals to you and your colleagues…

Cahoots – Cahoots is a really big hit with locals and tourists alike – it is unique because it’s a tube themed bar. Based in Soho inside a WW2 air raid shelter, Cahoots has a cockney train guard at the door to greet you. Once you get inside, to the bar (or train platform!) – the bars theme is obviously the blitz and you will see memorabilia from the wartime era all around the place. It has an extensive cocktail menu, with recommendations to newcomers unsure of what they will choose from the bars wide range of wonderful drinks. All the staff that serve you are in character, and the seats are made from original London underground train seats!

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Bounce – Based in Farringdon, Bounce is Europe’s largest, purpose built social ping pong club. So, if you want more than a few drinks, this is the place for you! Unleash your competitive side and get everyone involved in a few games of ping pong! It also has a cocktail bar and a restaurant serving pizzas and antipasti where you can all recharge your batteries after the game! Allegedly, this restaurant is built on the spot where ping pong was invented!

Ice Bar – For a festive feel, head to Ice bar – everything in this bar is made from ice – tables, walls and even your glass will be made completely of ice! Based in Soho, guests are given gloves and thermal capes, and can spend 40 minutes in this beautiful ice palace, which is permanently kept at a chilly -5 degrees Celsius! There is a bar and restaurant next door, where you can go afterwards for a warm meal and a cocktail, and to warm up from the icy experience!

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Looking Glass Cocktail Club – For Alice in Wonderland fans and people wanting something more unusual, head to Looking Glass in Hackney Road, Shoreditch. Step through the looking glass to discover a world of decadent entertainment, full of opulent decorations, and discover the secret underground laboratory – ‘Underland’ – where the ingredients to the fantastic cocktails are made. For a night of music, cocktails, and entertainment that you won’t forget, this is the place to go!

Tropicana Beach Club – Unfortunately, drinks are not free here despite the lyrics to the Wham hit song, but don’t let that put you off! Based in Covent Garden, this place is great for those who are looking to escape the winter and head back to their summer holidays! With a large lagoon pool, relaxation hammocks, and cabanas, there are even hundreds of tropical model animals! Sadly, George Michael isn’t guaranteed, but summer cocktails and a holiday vibe is!

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