Wednesday May 18, 2022

Common Roof Issues

You might not think you have to pay much attention to your roof, but did you know that regular checks could save you a fortune on costly repairs? By spotting the early warning signs, you’ll be preventing further damage from occurring which could result in the need for a total roof replacement! So, what do you need to look out for?

  1. Leaks

One of the most common roof problems is a leak. After time, rain, snow, ice and wind can cause a build of moisture which seeps in under the layers of your roof. Before you know it, you could be dealing with rot, mould or even a full-on leak causing damage to your walls, electrical sockets and décor!

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  1. Bad Installation

If you or the previous owners didn’t hire a professional to install a roof, then you could be in for a whole range of problems. For starters, your roof won’t have the same life expectancy as a professionally fitted one and secondly, there could well be gaps, holes or other poorly fitted features allowing weather and animals to enter the roof space!

  1. Standing Water

Ponding or standing water is not a good sign for a roof. It means that something somewhere isn’t doing its job properly. It could be a build-up of debris in your guttering and gutters and HVAC units not draining properly. Standing water can damage the integrity of the structure as well as increase the likelihood of leakage problems. For replacement UPVC Fascia Boards, visit

  1. Punctures

Roofing material can be damaged with punctures and penetration from hail and wind damage. Any appliance that was added to the property after the roofing was installed needs regular checking, such as household appliance vents and HVAC units. The flashing around these could become damaged by poor weather conditions.

  1. Animals

There are a few animals that could cause you roof anguish, particularly if your house is close to overhanging trees. Squirrels, mice and rats only need tiny openings to nest inside your roof cavity, damaging timber, pipes and cables. Birds can cause blockage issues if nesting in guttering and even insects can damage timber. At the first sign, deal with any gaps and evictions asap.

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  1. Lack of Maintenance

Problems that begin as minor could be dealt with painlessly and cheaply but if neglected, can turn into a real headache. Jobs like cutting back overhanging branches or regularly clearing out debris from guttering can save much damage being done to your roof. Routinely inspecting your roof is advised and could save you a great deal of money in the future and extend the life expectancy of your roof.

  1. Trees

Believe it or not, overhanging branches can cause significant damage to roofs. They gradually wear away the top layer and in bad weather, branches can be blown and fall on the roof, causing further damage. If you have any trees that close to your property, you need to keep them trimmed back as much as possible.

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