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Dining out at the Ritz in London

When it comes to a hotel dining experience, the Ritz in London, is probably top of the wish list. Eating a beautiful meal in amazing surroundings with tables that are beautifully presented with Restaurant Cutlery that you envy, should be everyone’s to do list at some point. There are many incredible restaurants throughout the UK and spending an evening in any of them is a great event. However, The Ritz has an incredible history and a decoration style that is so lavish that it can be unrivaled anywhere else. Simply taking part in an afternoon tea at the hotel for a special occasion or an anniversary with a loved one will create the memory of a lifetime. The service is as you would expect impeccable and the food out of this world. It is no wonder that after its opening it soon became the go to place for all high in society and those famous celebrities, royal family members and politicians.

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The Ritz first opened on 24th May 1906 making it 113 years old. It was soon considered to be amongst the greatest hotels across the world. It was the concept idea of Cesar Ritz who wanted to create the ultimate in luxury for guests from all over the world and was intended to be the most opulent and lavish hotel world wide with no expense spared on the decorations and furnishings inside the building. It really was, and still is an incredible sight to see.

After its opening The Ritz became the go to location for many famous faces included The Prince of Wales (King Edward VII), Anna Pavlova, Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle and Dwight Eisenhower. All the big names have stayed, eaten and in the case of Pavlova danced in this incredible hotel. Many hollywood stars also frequented the hotel and these included Jackie Onassis, Noel Coward and Charlie Chaplin.

Over the years societies rich and famous enjoyed many evenings at The Ritz and it fast became the place to be seen or to have photographs taken outside of. After the hotel was passed back to private British ownership in 1995 the location was to be used in a number of films including scenes in the 1999 Richard Curtis classic ‘Notting Hill’

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In 2002 the hotel received a great accolade when it was presented with the Royal Warrant for banqueting and Catering Service from the Prince of Wales. It was the first hotel to be presented with this coveted award.

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