Saturday May 21, 2022

Enforcement notice served on owner of personal leisure centre

A home extension of gigantic proportions has been built in the back garden of a 62 yr old accountant in the Forest of Dean – and the local council have told him to knock it down.

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Twelve months ago, Mr Wildin began his luxury extension at the back of his six bedroomed bungalow in Cinderford, Gloucestershire. It required the removal of 9,000 tons of soil, digging down 18ft to ensure the structure could not be seen above the fences of his neighbours. The roof on the structure slopes down from the fencing, so that his neighbour’s views are not obstructed. He is under the impression that the structure complies with planning rules and is a permitted development, because it cannot be seen by anybody. However, the Planning Inspector has advised him, because he did not apply for planning consent, the building must be demolished.

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The council has advised him that the building breaches planning laws and it has issued an enforcement notice, ordering Mr Wildin to return the land to its original state. He is appealing against the decision, saying the neighbours have made no complaints and he has no intention of removing the building.

The 10,000 sq ft. personal leisure centre boasts a 16 seat cinema, squash court, casino, bar, bowling alley, indoor tennis and badminton courts, a soft play area and a 25ft tall three-storey doll’s house. Mr Wildin has built the impressive entertainment complex for his children and five grandchildren to use, without the need to go out. The cost has not been disclosed.


Speaking to some of his neighbours, there are concerns that bulldozers will not be able to get to the building because other buildings are in the way. The neighbour who backs onto him has never been happy with the complex, claiming the height is unacceptable and he can now hear noise from the skittles, when they are playing in the bowling alley. Too much bowling, along with other leisure activities, may make a bowling wrist support necessary, so Mr. Wildin should perhaps take note and reduce his bowling activity.

Meanwhile the council advises that there is an enforcement order in place requiring the removal of the development. Mr. Wildin has until 7th July 2017 to comply, with prosecution likely for non-compliance.

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