Monday May 23, 2022

Everything you need to know about hiring a mobile bar

If you are organising an event, a bar is an important part of both creating an overall atmosphere and satisfying your guests. Mobile bars are a popular way to fulfil this requirement.

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You can find advice on mobile bars from organisations such as the Nationwide Caterers Association. Here are some things you need to consider about mobile bars before hiring them.


Do you want your bar to be sophisticated and elegant or to have a rustic charm? Are you going to be hosting a formal celebration or an outdoor festival? The options are almost limitless.


You may want to ensure you have the widest range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks possible, or you may want to specialise; for example, you may want a cocktail bar that also serves serve child-friendly mocktails.


You may want to pre-pay so that your guests can drink for free, or you may want your guests to pay as they go. This is likely to depend on the number of guests and your budget.


How many staff will be needed to run the bar efficiently? The more guests you invite, the more staff you will require.

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Length of time

Do you need the bar for an all-day event or just an evening reception? You will need to know before you book.


The mobile bar closest to you may not be the best for your needs, but you might want to hire a local business. A Google search for mobile bar hire Stroud will lead you to options such as


You may want a simple bar against one wall or a showier circular bar in the centre of the room. You could even go for a novelty design, such as a repurposed London bus.

Licensing and insurance

Make sure you talk to your supplier about what licensing and insurance – including public liability insurance – is needed before you hire. They should cover it, but you need to check.

Online presence

Look up any potential supplier online. You can check their website and social media for photographs from previous events or reviews from satisfied – or dissatisfied – customers. This will help you to distinguish between the many businesses that tend to make similar claims about their service.


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