Monday May 23, 2022

Exterior colour inspiration for your home

Whether it’s garden sheds, summer houses, plant pots or fencing, your outdoor space is a great place to bring a splash of colour to your home. Read our top tips for inspiration on transforming yours.

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 Colour choices

There is now a massive range of exterior paint colours to suit all sorts of homes, but you’ll first need to consider which colours you are drawn to. You should then look at your home and the way your outdoor space faces, as well as how it goes with your interior scheme. Considering the period of your property is another important aspect.

The outside of your home is the first thing you see when you arrive, so you should pick colours you like, especially for your front door, which makes a striking statement. It’s a good idea to paint it a shade darker than you would consider inside the home, as it will be seen in natural daylight.

Look at your surroundings and other houses in your street, as well as the period of your property, as you may want to blend in, or, in the case of a more modern home, strike a contrast.

While you might not want anything too bright for the front, your back garden or patio is somewhere you can let loose and be a little bolder. The Guardian says us Brits shouldn’t be afraid to use bold colours in the garden, despite the lack of sunshine, as they can add depth and resonance. It recommends using smoky shades such as charcoal and deep aubergine.

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 Splashes of colour

If you’re feeling brave, why not paint your shed or summer house? These look great in a relaxed eggshell, grey or green. If you’re looking at painting garden summer houses in NI, don’t let the frequent rain put you off ditching the natural look for a pop of colour. Use a garden wood paint on garden summer houses NI and go for any scheme you think will brighten your outdoor space.

If you simply want to try brightening up the exterior of your home, pick a few key pieces to paint in a bright and vibrant colour. It’s easy to start with a few plant pots or a garden bench and you could match colours with your interior for a more cohesive scheme.

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