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Famous Cats

If you’re trying to find a name for your kitten, it can be hard to pin down the right one for their personality. Sometimes, famous cat names make a great choice as they are instantly recognisable for most people. Here are some famous cats from the world of TV and film that might just bring on a case of nostalgia for you:


Probably the most famous cat of them all, everyone knows the chubby orange, lasagne-loving cat form the comic strip, cartoons and films. His love of Italian cuisine came about as he was born in an Italian restaurant. He is lazy and loves to antagonise the dog Odie, but we can’t help but feel a strong affection for this celebrity cat.

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Garfield’s nemesis was Nermal, an overly pampered puss who he was always trying to ship off to some foreign destination. Most viewers thought she was adorable, however, and was even voted ‘world’s cutest kitten’.


Here we have another ginger tom, Heathcliff, the wise-cracking moggy with a tough, street-smart exterior but is really a big softy. As Garfield shot to fame, so did Heathcliff. First in a comic strip, then TV, followed by his very own movie. If you’re looking for celebrity-worthy accommodation for your cat while you’re away, consider a Cheltenham Cattery like

Felix the Cat

Would you believe that Felix has been around for almost a century? He was first seen during the era of silent movies and quickly became a firm favourite. He is one of the most iconic kitties in the world and on the list of most popular cartoons of all time, being ranked as among the top 50 of the best cartoon characters of all time.


Tom of Tom & Jerry fame is a beleaguered puss who does everything he can to catch that mouse but to no avail. He is one of the most well-known cartoon cats in the world and generations have enjoyed the slapstick comedy of Tom being beaten by Jerry in every episode.

Hello Kitty

A more modern creation is Hello Kitty, a happy, cheerful character who became a global phenomenon. What began as a brand aimed at young girls, has now become popular with teens and young adults alike. Appearing on TV and on endless merchandise, the brand is now worth $5 billion.

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This is a great name for your cat and instantly recognisable from Looney Toons cartoons. He was famous for his lisp, and brilliant catchphrases as he tirelessly tried to catch Tweety Bird, Hippety Hopper and Speedy Gonzales.


If you’ve ever watched the Simpsons, you’ll know about the show within a show hosted by Krusty the Clown and featuring The Itchy & Scratchy Show. The antics of Itchy the mouse and Scratchy the cat are somewhat violent and often downright bizarre, but for those with a sense of humour, Scratchy could be a good name for your pet.




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