Monday May 23, 2022

Five Security Seal Uses You May Not Have Considered

Security seals are the tiny little devices that come to mind when you think of Iberico hams and gas meters. However, there are so many uses for security seals you may never have even though of. Let’s take a look at five other ways you could use security seals.

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Emergency Security Seals

A security seal has a lot of uses in the medical emergency market. There are many different things they can be used for, such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers and even parachutes. Having a security seal on an emergency item means that it is kept in perfect condition until it needs to be used. Security seals are also easily broken, so no time will be wasted in serious situations.

Transporting Samples

When biological and lab samples are transported, there are strict rules that have to be followed. The security of these items has to be monitored the whole time. This is where security seals can come in handy. They can be used to identify the contents of each sample and stop them from being unnecessarily tampered with.

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Monitoring Electoral Processes

Voting has to be done in confidence and with no interference to negate fraud. Knowing what are security seals could potentially secure ballet boxes. This would mean the contents cannot be tampered with and will not be able to be opened without authorisation. Security labels and void tags are two other types of seals that can be used in this instance.

Transporting Money

Moving money from one place to another can result in losses. This is why there are so many transport companies dedicated to transporting money. Security seals can be used in this situation so that cash operations can be correctly identified to avoid losses. It also puts potential thieves off from trying to swipe the money.

Ammunition and Artillery Transportation

Transporting ammunition and artillery is a use for security seals that is not widely known. However, in the armament industry, security seals are actually mandatory to secure the contents of packages and containers. Many of these contain weapons, so security is of the utmost importance. Weapons are also considered to be hazardous goods and therefore have to be transported under strict safety rules.

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