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Food of the Mediterranean

It’s very easy to see what the attractions of the Mediterranean are. To start with it is extremely health in the options it provides and secondly it tastes gorgeous to. It is very handy that the countries of the Mediterranean basin Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Libya, Malta and Morocco have a ready made natural larder of seafood ready and waiting to be harvested. Coupled with that the succulent olive and its bountiful oil produce a wellspring of good and health tastes that have stood its residents in good stead for centuries. Add to that the traditions of baking fine bread and the inclusions wine you have the ingredients for a heady mix of foodstuffs that can be enjoyed and rediscovered time and again.

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The health benefit so of the Mediterranean diet are supreme. The Mediterranean denizen can look at the statistics with pride and know that unlike our red meat laden diet they can call upon many low-fat offerings that will keep them very heart healthy and reduce the onset of cancers. What favourite dishes can we expect should we decide to dine in the Mediterranean style.

  1. Paella – this is standard of Spain and is exquisite as a main meal. It is also very filling as the rice, vegetable san seafood combination all work together to give the diner a hearty meal. The use of the saffron gives it its vibrant and attractive colour. The great thing is that you can also add things within reason. The humble sausage is very popular.
  2. Fancy something a little sweet? This heady mix of filo dough, crushed nuts and honey will provide that sweet tooth hit that you may need. Also, the adding of some pistachios adds a super dimension. Many try it with ice cream for a deeply indulgent treat.
  3. Morocco has the option of adding tropical fruits to its Mediterranean cuisine. They can also add the spices of African origin such as turmeric and paprika producing a fragrant smell and taste to the table. Here, Lamb is very popular especially when it is combined with couscous and tagine. Unlike our sheep which stores fat around it’s body Moroccan breeds are leaner as they do store there’s at the tail end. This lack of pungency means that the use of spices are essential to enhance the flavour of the meat.
  4. Saving the best for last, a word must be said about the Turkish Donor kebab. This is a staple of any Mediterranean experience as the real thing is truly a taste sensation not to be missed on a visit to the country. Lamb meat is sliced thinly and added to the pitta or flatbread with heathy dash of salad comprising lettuce onion tomatoes and cucumber of the pickled variety. For extra spice and for the adventurous why not add the famous chilli sauce.

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Whatever you tongue taste buds are telling you, you are sure to find a food type in the Mediterranean.

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