Monday May 23, 2022

Forget About Energy Drinks with The Following Tips!

Experts believe that, up to 400 milligrams of caffeine is safe for our body. It’s the equivalent of 20 cups of coffee or 3 shots of red bull. Drinking energy drinks daily increase the risk of cancer and sugar. It also boosts BP (blood pressure) and heart rate.

If you are the one who at the first symptom of fatigue takes one of those drinks that “give you wings,” we recommend reading this note and change your habits. When you feel extremely tired and you have to continue with your activities, many resort to coffee or to energy drinks that definitely alter our heart rate and put us at risk.

These drinks contain too much caffeine, taurine and are loaded with sugar, to mention only some ingredients that could harm your health. If you want to stop consuming them, here are some tips that could serve you in an amazing way:

Get adequate rest during the night

Many people do not sleep well and resort to self-medication, use of caffeine and other sweet things as energy boosters. This works, but only for a while. Consuming these kinds of things on makes your body feel rested, so lack of sleep also leads to a reduction in levels of leptin, a hormone responsible for suppressing appetite. Having a proper rest during the night is a secret energy boost that we should all use.

Check for anemia

If your blood does not have enough iron, you will feel weak. This is a common cause of fatigue in women. Take some supplements and foods high in iron to make up. These foods have vital nutrients and enzymes that will make it easier for you to absorb iron. The apple is wonderful for anemia and by being aware of your iron levels, you can keep up with energy.

Water is indispensable

Fatigue could be a sign that the body is dehydrated. Water improves the performance your activities require and also affects the metabolism, so it is recommended that men drink 13 glasses a day and 9 for woman .

Remove the sugar from your life

Sugar is addictive and in large quantities can lead you to develop obesity and with it diabetes. The energy that sugar gives you is temporary, better eat something healthy like carrots or cucumbers, and change your lifestyle.

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