Friday May 20, 2022

Get the right fit

There are so many reasons why buying a good ty bra is important. Not only does a bra support your breasts but a good one can enhance and flatter your figure leaving you with an overall feeling of beauty and femininity. A quality bra will highlight your natural curviness and make your clothes look better.

Feeling comfortable and at ease is also very important and a cheap bra that doesn’t fit right will leave you fidgety and forever adjusting it. If a bra doesn’t fit well then you are not going to feel sexy or attractive. If in doubt, consult a professional and get measured properly. A good quality bra should not cause you any pain or discomfort, should cover your breasts completely with no overspill and feel firm but flexible.

Finding the right bra will also prevent breast sagging. Yes, unfortunately for us ladies, sagging is not only caused by age and breastfeeding but also from years of badly fitting brassieres. Saggy and droopy boobs will only knock your confidence¬† and are made worse with constant pressure or weight dragging them down. A loose bra will cause your breasts to become loose and flappy so if you don’t want either of these scenarios, it’s best to get measured and invest in the best. For the Prima Donna Deauville White Bra, visit

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A good quality bra can create an appealing cleavage by giving you just the right amount of support without running the risk of unsightly overspill. Cups that are too tight will cause squeezing and overspill and cups that are too loose run the risk of covering the breast completely and not creating a valley at all.

For ladies who love sport and activity, buying a high end bra is a must. As we have all experienced at some point, doing physical activity in the wrong bra can be really painful. Sports bras are normally the best choice for the active lady. It is a good idea to get measured for this too as if it’s too big and your breasts flap around during exercise, not only are you going to sore but it can be embarrassing too.

Big breasted ladies often struggle for years in the wrong size bras just because shops don’t stock a wide enough range of bras for busty girls. The notion that sizes should just go up to a D cup are out of touch and a reputable store will have many more options available. Don’t suffer in silence, you’ll be amazed at how good a well fitted bra can feel.

Wearing a bra that is too tight for a long time is no good for your health either as it can restrict the lymphatic system. More than 85% of the fluid of the lymph node that flows from the breast will drain into the nodes in your armpit. Remaining fluid will drain at the chestbone. A tight bra will restrict this flow of liquid which contains toxins and waste material. You really don’t want these toxins hanging around, unable to drain effectively so buying a properly fitted and high quality bra is essential.

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