Wednesday May 18, 2022

Heating a Garden Office in Winter

No one enjoys their commute in winter, even if it’s only to the end of the garden. If you want to enjoy your garden office all year round, you’ll need to consider heating, and there is a range of options available. Here are some suggestions for keeping your home office comfortable year round.

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The Electric Option

If you have an electrical supply to your garden office room, then electricity offers convenience and controllability. By using timers and thermostats with your radiators, you can ensure your office is pre-warmed and the heating can be switched off if the sun shines.

Convection heaters are the cost-effective option, being affordable to buy and install. Conventional electric radiators can be a smart choice if your office doubles as a workshop or the environment is dusty. Otherwise, oil-filled electric radiators retain the heat well and are an affordable plug-and-go option.

Underfloor heating mats can provide an excellent source of secondary heat, though they’re more expensive to install and limit your choice of floor coverings. Infra-red heaters are another option, although they won’t heat the space as much, so ensure you place infra-red heaters where they can be most effective.

For electrical heating to be an effective option, you’ll need to connect up your garden office, so check your options when you choose an office room from a company like

The Non-Electric Option

If you don’t have electricity in your garden office, bottled gas heaters can provide a good source of heat either in conservatory-style heaters or with an exterior installation feeding a fixed gas heater. However, you’ll need to have good ventilation to avoid a build-up of toxic fumes.

For sheer style, it’s difficult to beat a wood-burning stove. Carbon-neutral and with great heat performance, they can be either traditional or contemporary in style but must be installed by a qualified heating engineer. With gas and wood-burning stoves, you’ll need a carbon monoxide monitor for safety.

The Sustainable Option

A heat exchange pump will pull warm air from outdoors and pump it round your office, and it can be used for air conditioning in the summer months. Solar panels can offer cheap and sustainable energy, and they come with a range of feed-in tariffs. Finally, consider designing your office with excellent insulation and a south-facing position.

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