Monday May 23, 2022

How is sewing good for us?

It might surprise you to learn that sewing is good for you. How? Well, it turns out there are several benefits to be gained from grabbing a needle and thread and getting creative. Here are just a few:

  • Slow Pace

Life can get so hectic sometimes that it’s nice to find an activity that forces us to slow down and relax a bit. We spend a lot of time these days ‘tuned in’ to TV screens, mobile phones or computers and never really doing much creative with our hands. It can be really beneficial for us to switch off the electronic devices, take a breath and just do something manually for a change. What better way to relax than to do something that also provides you with a new garment or item at the end of it?

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  • Cheer Up

So, it turns out that sewing is also good for the soul. Following a scientific study of people who took part in quilting, results showed that those individuals had a boosting effect on cognitive, emotional and creative well-being. This was more pronounced in older people too. The colours of the fabric had a mood boosting effect, sewing in a group had a positive social impact and it also showed an increase in self-confidence for those who took part. For a wide range of Dressmaking Fabric, visit

  • Freedom

Once you’ve mastered the basics, the only limit is your imagination. As your confidence grows, you will begin to think of new designs, make your own clothes and make things for others. This gives an incredible freedom and choice, as you are able to make totally unique items. Never again will you need to rely on inconsistent sizing in shops or finding nothing that suits you as now you can make your own wardrobe. Be able to sew confidently is highly liberating.

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  • Simple

It might seem impossible at the beginning that one day you could be making your own trousers. Start small and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to improve from learning the basics to practising and getting braver. Begin with simple cushion covers or tote bags and don’t give up if your first efforts are a little clumsy. It’s an activity worth sticking with as in time, you and your family and friends will be reaping the benefits.

  • Satisfaction

The mood enhancing benefits of achievement and success are huge. Nothing can beat that personal sense of accomplishment that comes when you complete a project and the outcome is successful. You’ll also feel more of an attachment to your home if you’ve made the décor items and making gifts for friends and loved ones brings you closer to them as well. It’s far cheaper than buying gifts and feels much more personal and heart-felt. Everybody could benefit from these ‘feel good’ moments at times so why not think about joining a sewing workshop, evening class or see if there is a social group at a local community centre that meets for sewing, coffee and a chat.

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