Monday May 23, 2022

How to Deal With a Family Member or Friend Going Away for University

When someone you are close to moves away to University, it can be hard on you; if it’s your child, you will obviously worry about their health and well being, so it is natural to feel apprehensive about them moving away – if you feel that your teenager is struggling with mental health issues, here’s how you can spot the signs. If a close friend is moving away, it may be that you are worried about feeling alone and abandoned; during these feeling though you need to think about your friend and the anxieties they could be feeling about moving away.

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Support Them

If your child is going away for University, it may not be your choice, but you need to respect theirs; if you try to put them off and get angry about their choices, then it could push them away even more. Try and guide them to pick the right choices, but also support them too; be with them when they visit the campus, and try to help them as much as possible. Make sure to find the appropriate living conditions for them, as you will want to ensure their safety; Cheltenham Student accommodation Cheltenham based student living such as have comfortable and clean living conditions for students going to University, and they have everything that your child will need.


If you’re feeling anxious about a friend or family member going to University, it is best to share your feelings; talking about your worries, and allowing them to tell you their worries will bring you both closer together. Siblings can also struggle when it comes to their brother or sisters going to University, but if they don’t communicate very well, this could make it harder on them; as a family, you could all sit down together to talk about your worries and concerns.

Build an Agreement

Going from seeing your family member or friend, to not having them around can make things difficult for both of you, and can set emotions high. It is important to consider each other’s feelings during this time; perhaps make an agreement like talking on Skype every day, or agreeing to visit once a month – compromise is the best way to keep both sides happy. Over time it should be easier to adjust to your new life and so you should be able to relax on the agreement. When someone you know is moving away to University, it is better to consider their feelings above yours, as they have a completely new way of life to adjust to.

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 Be Positive

 Being positive for the person moving away will really help them a lot, you may not feel positive on the inside, but if you appear positive and really support their decision, it will certainly make their University adjustment much easier. If they are feeling homesick, make sure you are there for them; send them regular text messages instead of phoning them, as this could make them feel even worse. It is important to make sure they still feel included; sending them photographs of any days out will make them feel much better. To make yourself feel better, why not plan some fun things to do when they are visiting home? You could plan a spa day or you could go for a nice meal somewhere, this will really take your mind of any sadness you are feeling.

Keep Your Mind Busy

 Thinking about your friend going away for University will only make you feel worse, and it could affect all parts of your life; if you are a parent on your own, why not get a pet? It doesn’t mean you are replacing your child, but it also gives you something to focus on and look after. Taking up a new hobby is also a great way to take your mind of the sadness; you could attend a dance class, or get involved with a painting class. If your best friend has gone away, why not try making some new friends? If you get involved with a new activity, then you are guaranteed to meet new people.

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