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How to find a financial advisor

Getting sound financial advice is essential, especially when you have important decisions to make that could affect the future value of your property. Here is some helpful information about what independent financial advisors do and how you can find one for your needs:

What can they do?

A financial advisor can give you advice and guidance on a range of issues and products including:


Health and Life Insurance


Tax and Inheritance


Equity Release. For Equity Release Wiltshire, visit Chilvester.

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A financial advisor should be your first port of call when you are looking at more complex financial products, such as equity release and investments. This kind of professional advice is vital for avoiding ending up with something that is wrong for your needs.

Financial advisors know where to look to find the right products and investments for your needs and assist you in planning what you would like to do with your money for the long-term.

How to I choose a financial advisor?

First, it’s important to establish what you need. Depending on what you need, it might be wise to look for a specialist in that particular area, such as investments, pensions or Equity Release Wiltshire. For a more complete financial planning, find someone who can offer you the whole package.

Secondly, ask to see their qualifications. Legislation requires that they are qualified but it’s sensible to check anyway. Extra qualifications and membership of industry associations is also a good sign.

Thirdly, it always pays to negotiate when it comes to fees. Don’t assume that it’s set in stone. If you think you should be paying less, talk to them and negotiate a better deal.

Fourthly, any agreements should always be put in writing. Also get your advisor’s recommendations in writing, in case anything goes wrong in the future. Be sure to ask questions to make sure you understand everything.

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You should be receiving advice that’s tailored to your individual needs and not receiving generic advice. Be sure to ask about how certain products suit your needs.

Cementing a good relationship with your advisor is the best way forward as you’re trusting this person with your monetary wellbeing. You need to feel that you are a good fit.

Lastly, be prepared in advance for your first meeting. It will save valuable time and indicate to the advisor that you mean business and give them an idea of what you’re seeking. You can ask for forms to be sent through before you first meeting and spend some time fact-finding and researching for yourself.


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