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How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

After delivered the baby, you are probably considering how to lose weight. It is quite normal to gain some extra 10 to 15 kilos during the pregnancy and now after the childbirth, you are planning to go back to the work with your ideal weight. In this article, you will learn how to lose weight to achieve your desired body shape.

Changes Happened during pregnancy:

During the pregnancy, your body gets changed by a number of internal and external factors that may include hormonal changes, lack of physical activity, and abundant food. After the most wanted and expected childbirth, you accompanied by some extra weight due to that pregnancy. So the first question you probably ask yourself is: How to lose weight without harm the baby’s health?

At the time of your pregnancy, your body suffers from stress and the stress turn to causes of constant hunger sensation. During the first 4 months of pregnancy you may not gain too much weight, but from the 5th month, it is very common to increase 1 to 1.5 kilo a month.

After the child birth you start to breastfeeding and within the first few months, the body start burning a lot of calories so the weight will slowly be eliminated. If you come with a special diet plan, weight loss will be accelerating even more.

Diet during the lactation:

Diet for the mothers during breastfeeding should be rational, balanced and regular. At the process of daily breastfeeding a mother burns about 500 calories from the body, so you should daily ingest at least 2000 kcal.

The mother’s diet should exclude the foods that can trigger allergies to the children:

  • Citrus fruit.
  • Red fruits and Vegetables.

From the medical point of view, a mother should not think about how to lose weight after delivery until the hormone get previous levels, the menstrual start to recycle, and lactation is completely restored.

Once the baby get little older and the lactation process is over, you can start the fighting with excess weight.

Prohibited Foods after Delivery:

In this period you should completely avoid:

Carbohydrates such as:

  • Milk and chocolates.
  • Cakes and white bread.
  • White rice and potatoes.
  • White flour products.
  • All foods containing sugar.

Fat like:

  • Very salty and fatty dishes.
  • Canned food.
  • Pork and duck.
  • Fat dairy products: butter, margarine, butter, mayonnaise.

Fruits such as:

  • Grapes, banana and raisins.
  • Bottled fruit juices.


  • The fast food.
  • The refined products.

How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy with Exercise:

The sport will allow you to avoid normal consequences after the embargo and the best thing is you can get this without killing yourself in the gym: 30 minutes of intense exercise a day will be enough.

Mothers with small children are advised to take long walks in fresh air. This will help the mother to strengthen the immune system and to tone the muscles. An active walk for 20 minutes can burns 150 calories from the body.

If you want to be fit and healthy you can also try another type of physical activities such as swimming, run, dance, jump rope, aerobics, yoga to lose weight. An effective way to quickly get rid of belly flaccidity is eating a low-fat diet and maintains a healthy life.

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