Monday May 23, 2022

How to Organise Your Garage

Although a garage is a really useful space, many of them end up as clutter-infested zones, making it difficult to find what you need. Although garages are designed for car storage, only 30% of us actually have the space to fit one inside. Organising your garage not only lets you easily find what you need, but it may even free up some space to house your vehicle. Here’s how to achieve this.

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Many garages contain items we no longer need or use, so a big clean-out every now and then can get this space into tip-top order. According to This Old House, sort items in your garage into three piles: keep, donate or sell, or throw away. Sort the things you want to keep into categories, such as tools or sports equipment, to make organising them easier.

Wall Racks

Making use of wall space is the ideal way to clear garage items off the floor. A wall rack can be easily installed to store away garden tools such as a rake, spade, brush or shovel. Hanging them up makes it quicker to find the tool you need. Wall racks can also be used to store large items such as a bike, canoe or sports equipment.

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Wall Shelves

As well as racks, shelves are a blessing in a busy garage and make it simpler to keep things tidy in the long term. Garage shelving comes in all shapes and sizes, so you can pick the type that suits the area you can afford to set aside and the types of things you want to store away. Choose garage shelving that is sturdy and durable and can hold the weight of your items from a reputable supplier such as

Cubby Holes

Consider adding cubby holes into your shelving to organise items such as hand tools, nails, screws or paint brushes. It’s often these small things that are more difficult to locate amidst the clutter of a disorganised garage.

Ceiling Racks

It’s not just the walls that are ideal for keeping possessions off the floor of your garage: take advantage of the ceiling, too, by installing ceiling racks for storing away planks of wood or garden canes.

Once you’ve got your garage organised, try to maintain the order so that it is easier to keep on top of in the long run.

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