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How to use a condom: top tips

When used correctly, condoms are a fantastic contraceptive that can protect against STIs and unwanted pregnancy. However, you do need to use them correctly! Here are our top tips for success.

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1. Check the dates
Condoms have an expiration date on them, so make sure you check it beforehand! The shelf life tends to be about five years. Use an expired one, and you risk the chance of a breakage.

2. Look for quality
Look for the European CE logo on the packaging, which denotes the recognised quality and safety standard that applies to condoms.

3. Stock up

Always have condoms to hand and carry one with you. Remember that you can get free condoms in Greenwich, along with advice and useful information about avoiding STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

4. Buy before you go away
If you are going on a singles holiday and thinking that you might get to enjoy some action, stock up at home in advance rather than risk buying a sub-standard product on a beach at midnight! You’ll be able to buy condoms at duty-free as well.

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5. Open the pack carefully
It’s very easy to tear a condom with long nails or jewellery, especially if you are in a rush or in the dark. Be very careful and respect the contents of your package.

6. Put it on right
Make sure the teat is pointing up and out and roll it down along the base of the penis very carefully. If it is too tight, you may need to buy a larger size. Remember to leave some space at the top where the teat is and check for any air bubbles that could cause a burst at the worst possible moment.

7. Be careful with lube choices
Lube can enhance the sexual experience for both partners, but be very careful when you are combining it with a condom. Oil-based lube can cause latex condoms to tear, so pick a product from the pharmacy.

8. Stick to the half-hour rule
If you’ve been engaging in foreplay or sexual activity for 30 minutes, it’s a good time to refresh your condom, even if you haven’t yet ejaculated. Make sure you get a new one if ejaculation occurs and you’re inclined to go again! Remember, a condom is only a single-use item!

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