Saturday May 21, 2022

Keeping warm all year round

If you are not rich or strong, you need to be clever, and this is especially true in winter.

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Essentially, your home is your haven and the place that you want to escape to get away from the cold during the winter months. However, if your heating system is not working and you are saving for a boiler repair, you might consider trying out some of these handy tips.

Use your fan to warm up

It might sound strange, but if you put your fan on a low setting and place it in front of a fireplace or heater like those from a Stoves Northern Ireland company, you will start moving the warm air around the room and spread the heat. Take care not to place it too close to the source of heat, and be sure to keep little fingers far away from the fan blades. Before you know it, the room will be warm and toasty.

Cover up with rugs

Add an extra layer of insulation between your cold feet and the floor by covering the floor with thick rugs.

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Cold often comes in through the windows. Try to seal it up with curtains that cover the entire window from side to side and are not too short. Warming your house is pointless if you are going to let the heat escape and let the cold in through the windows. If you want to warm the room any more than merely trying to preserve the heat that is already in the room then
you might consider a Stoves Northern Ireland company which could be found at and let them help you keep cosy.

Cool the oven down with its door open

Once you have used the oven and it is filled with warm heat, switch it off and open the oven door. The heat will circulate through the kitchen and warm it as the oven cools down. You must be completely certain that the oven is off. When using this method, you have to be extra careful because carbon monoxide poisoning can be very dangerous, especially to children and pets.

Until you have had your boiler repaired, you might need to put some of our handy and budget friendly tips to the test.

Remember to always use fans and ovens with care. You wouldn’t want your clever heating ideas turn into a disaster because of a lack of caution.

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