Monday May 23, 2022

Locally Sourced Food in Burbank

These days, many consumers focus on locally sourced food because it fresher and better for the environment. Tony’s Darts Away restaurant offers outstanding locally sourced food in Burbank, California, and when pairing these options with the 38 craft beers on offer, the results are amazing.

Weekly Specials

Tony’s always has a fantastic menu, and it changes up each week so you can always experience something fresh and new. All of their food comes from California farmers and growers, too. Their amazing Chaos Wedges are like chili cheese fries gone wild. Huge potato wedges topped with pork belly, Cotija and Tillamook cheddar cheeses, and a heaping helping of porcini gravy make these a hit. Then, there is the Hot Lips sausage, which is always a favorite when it is available. This fantastic dog comes on a freshly baked bun topped with mayo, cheddar cheese, spicy creole mustard, and even a fried egg. There is nothing else like it in the area.

Signature Sausages

The signature sausages at Tony’s Darts Away are also locally sourced food in Burbank, right down to the toppings. Some of the most popular include the Chili Dog, which comes with chili con carne, cheddar, raw onion, and brown mustard. Another favorite is the Apple of My Eye, a chicken apple sage sausage doused with mayo, brown mustard, grilled onions, slaw, and a delicious mango melon salsa. Other sausages include the Hot ‘n Spicy, the Italian Stallion, and the Tailgate dog.


Salads and Fried Snacks

Tony’s also offers several unique salads, starting with the Garden State Salad. Locally sourced food in Burbank, including goat cheese and spiced pepitas, makes this dish a hit. Another delicious salad is the Quinoa Salad, which combines the delicious grain with cucumber, celery, Santa Barbara olives, and more on a bed of seasoned butter lettuce. If you crave fried food, the homemade russet potato chips are always a delight, and they come in Cajun spice, Pico de Gallo, and a simple salt seasoning. Maple and chipotle-glazed Mad Sweet Potato Fries are delicious with their crushed almond topping, too.

Vegan Menu

Tony’s is home to vegan locally sourced food in Burbank, too. Their Crispy Garbanzos are always a hit; they are fried, doused in salt, and sprinkled with lime. Even if you do not enjoy them as a vegetable side, you will love the Bangin’ Brussels, which are fried Brussels sprouts doused with sriracha, agave, lime, sesame, and cumin seed. Finally, the vegan Asian Bowl combines spicy pork-flavored tofu, steamed rice, pickled vegetables, soybean sprouts, and a spicy sauce. There are other options, too, including multiple vegan sausages that skip the meat and dairy products.

As you can see, the beer is not the only thing at Tony’s Darts Away that keeps the crowd returning repeatedly. The locally sourced food in Burbank is fresh and delicious, and since the menu changes weekly, they add new treats and creations all the time.

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