Monday May 23, 2022

Never be bored again

During the holiday period, whether it be Christmas or the Summer, at some point you are going to hear the dreaded words, ‘I’m bored’. Planning ahead can get you out of this fix pretty quickly if you make a list of fun things that you and your family can do together that don’t cost the earth but will wile away those hours in fits of giggles and fun. Here are some ideas to keep you busy during the holidays:

Throw an indoor picnic if the weather is not great. This is a fun idea for kids or for a romantic treat for just the two of you. Spread out a blanket and eat your dinner as if you were on a picnic. By mixing things up, you get to spend quality time together and do something fun and unusual.

Hold an International Dinner Party. Discuss as a family which countries you would most like to visit and plan an evening based on that culture. Prepare a dinner of cuisine from that nation, you can even dress up if you have suitable attire. You each need to learn an unusual fact about the country to announce at dinner and maybe even practice learning a little of the lingo.

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Using the camera facility on our smartphones, it’s easy to film a news report. Get each member to find out what’s happening locally or nationally and present a report to the others. It’s great practice for public speaking and also could be a lot of laughs with the inevitable retakes that might be needed.

There are so many board games available now that are fun and interactive and don’t have to be considered boring. These are a fantastic way of spending time together and having a giggle. Have a look at what’s around and what would suit your family. Alternatively, bring those games to life with Giant Games that can be hired. For example, a Rodeo Bull Manufacturer will also hire out games like Giant Buzzer, Lights Out, Light Chaser and Saw Bones.¬† For more information, visit Card games are fun too and can be used to wile away some wet afternoons.

Have a costume night or fun photo shoot. Act like a professional photographer and be creative in the photos and poses that take. Take a mixture of funny and serious and the beauty of a digital camera is you can take as many as you want and delete the rubbish ones. Add props and themes for more amusement.

An absolute classic game that has stood the test of time is Charades. Doesn’t cost anything and you can be as imaginative and creative as you can. If you do get stuck for ideas then there are plenty of site online that can give you hints and tips. This is a guaranteed way of eliciting fits of giggles as you watch each other try to act out all manner of things.

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