Monday May 23, 2022

Problem roots and drainage

Heat waves experienced throughout the UK during the summer can cause problems come autumn and winter with increased infestation of tree roots in drainage pipes.

Dry weather for long periods of time can cause significant cracks and soil movement, which can increase the risk of fracture and displacement in drainage pipes.

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This gives the roots of the tree, which are busy looking for a source of water due to the water shortage conditions, increasing access to sewers, increasing the likelihood of roots surviving and contributing to serious blockages. The likelihood is that climate change will make this process more common. For help with Blocked Drains Kent, visit a site like 3 Flow Drainage, a leading Blocked Drains Kent company.

Trees make a very valuable contribution to our natural environment. They are very important for the sustainability and a healthy atmosphere. However, trees can cause problems, such as issues related to the drainage system and water shortages.

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Roots of trees – affect the drainage system

Often, the investigation involves drainage and repair of pipe tree root infestation.

After the tree roots enter the pipe, they can have a significant impact on the efficiency of water transport.

They can build a significant density in the length of the pipe, then in heavy rain, cause flooding. Roots also join with other materials, such as fats, oils, sanitary products and wet wipes to make drainage and pipe blockage worse.

Clay pipes are particularly vulnerable to the insertion of the roots, because of the gap in the relationship between each section of pipe. New plastic pipes are also vulnerable and there are studies that show that the rubber seals that connect plastic pipes that are prone to failure under pressure from the tree roots.

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