Friday May 20, 2022

Selecting The Correct Shop Layout: Tips For Retailers

In this world of consumerism, it seems as if the only thing retailers need to sell products is to have the most desirable and fashionable items in their shops and the eager shoppers will come running. However, retailers face massive competition, and having an inviting shop layout is important for gaining that all important first step- getting shoppers into shops to browse and ultimately buy products. Creating an attractive store layout is a science and an art, and if used correctly will play on the psychology of a shopper and compel them to buy. We’ve outlined a few shop layout design ideas to help you create an attractive shopping environment and boost sales.

The Entrance

The entrance is one of the most important aspects in shop layout as it is the point of entry of your shop and will have to make that all important first impression. The most important thing to remember is to keep the view into the store clear, as the items on display will entice a shopper to enter. Ensure that the best and most eye catching items are displayed in the front of your shop layout design. A well placed lateral mirror can also help reflect this image to pedestrians coming from the opposite direction. Our sense of smell and hearing have powerful yet subtle psychological effects, so use scents and music discretely to create the correct mood for your shop.

Optimise Shop Layout for Specific Business

Depending on the type of retail store you have, you should utilise different shop floor layouts. For example a grocery store guides shoppers up and down ordered aisles for ease of shopping – and to encourage shoppers to pick unnecessary things off the shelves on the way. Loop layouts use a central grouping of displays with a square or circular pathway around it to encourage browsing, which is common for clothing shop layouts. This shop layout can spur impulse buying as shoppers can move easily around the store. It’s also worth noting that most Western shoppers turn right when entering a store and thus items should be positioned in your shop layout accordingly. Finally, make use of ‘speed bumps’ in your retail shop layout, which are attention grabbing displays that keep shoppers on the floor for longer.

Clothing Displays

Ditch racks and stacks that cram as much clothing as possible into a space without displaying them effectively. Rather use display rails that allow clothing and items to face customers as they browse through the shop layout. Think about how you can use shoe hangers, racks or brackets to best display items.

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