Saturday May 21, 2022

Silicone around the home

Silicone is an awesome material and is used to make many different products due to its flexibility, heat resistance and great all-round qualities. Here are some really useful everyday products made from silicone that you might not realise are made from silicone.

Silicone Strainer – A strainer made from this material is brilliant as it has the ability to bend in a completely flexible way to fit any sized pan or pot. You can buy them with a large empty base so you can fill the bottom with veggies to steam them instead of boiling. The strainer comes with handles so you can pull it directly out of the pot, straight to your plate. The handles stay cool thanks to silicone’s incredible ability to resist extreme temperatures.

Silicone Drinking Glasses – These glasses are totally unbreakable which makes them ideal for use in gardens, around children and on the beach. They are foldable so you can travel with them easily and they don’t take up much space. Perfect for a summer picnic too!

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Collapsible Bucket – Buckets take up a lot of space but not this one! It can be stored virtually anywhere and the other useful feature is that it has 4 adjustable height choices. If your living space is limited then this is the perfect bucket for you. And you won’t get tempted to use it as a dumping ground for dirty rags like a traditional bucket.

Universal opener – There is an amazing device made from silicone and shaped like a cute duckling. This device is able to flex and easily open jars of any size. Bottle caps and corks can also be opened. Never again will you have to struggle with opening that awkward jam jar. For Silicone Hose Manufacturers, visit

Mood Lighting – You don’t have to spend a fortune on different light fittings to change the ambience of a room. Now you can purchase silicone light bulb covers which change the colour emitted from the fixture. If you’re feeling romantic, pop on a red one or for a brighter, fresher mood, pop on a blue one. These are great way to liven up a room as silicone has very high resistance to heat.

Oven Rack Guards – If you’ve ever accidentally burnt your hand or arm whilst retrieving food from the oven then you’ll know how painful it is. Well, here is a handy device to prevent this from happening again. Silicone guards are simple to install and can also help if you’re teaching youngsters to bake but worried about them hurting themselves.

Heat Resistant Gloves – These gloves will give you the power to pull food out of the oven and grill at temperatures up to 425 degrees. You won’t need to use tongs either as you can flip the food with your gloved hands. With built in grips to help grab the food, these gloves will make cooking a lot easier and safer.

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Travel Bottles – The plastic travel bottles you usually buy don’t last long and are tricky to clean. This means that you probably throw them out after use instead of re-using them. Silicone travel bottles look great in a variety of colours, are super easy to clean and you can even stick them to the shower with the suction cup attached.

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