Wednesday May 18, 2022

Six great logo design tips

A good logo is one of the key factors in the success of any company. If you think of some of your favourite brands of food and drink, for example, they would be nothing without those recognisable logos.

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Before considering some tips for great logo design, take a look at some of the memorable logos from days gone by. The V and A museum has some fascinating history on the topic, including an exhibition currently taking place on food posters. See for details of this informative exhibition, which runs until 20th October.

Design tips

1) Know the business and your target audience
Probably the first and most important task is to get to know the business and understand the target audience. The age demographic of the target audience will make a huge difference to any decisions about logos.

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2) Thorough research before going to the drawing board
This might sound like the same advice as above, but wider research, looking at other logos that work and visiting exhibitions and studying company websites completely unrelated to the company that you are designing for, will be invaluable.

3) The wow factor
A logo which has the wow factor will have instant appeal; you don’t need to wait for the logo to grow on people. The image will be memorable straight away. However, this does not mean complexity. A simple design is often better, with less being more.

4) Font choice
Clarity is key here. Consider how legible the font will be when it is enlarged. Complex and fancy scripts may convey the right message for a company which wants to appeal to a sense of history and traditional values. A sans serif script is slick and modern.

5) Primary or secondary colours?
If black and white is not the right image, then the choices are vast. For food companies, red is often used as it stimulates hunger. Secondary colours such as pink or purple are softer.

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6) Convey more than just the name of the company
A good logo has a whole story concealed in the logo design. Sweeping lines and curves indicate a closeness to nature. Pictures of farm animals for an ethical food company imply good animal welfare.

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