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Six Lucky Leprechaun Facts

Mischievous tiny leprechauns are a famous part of Irish culture and are linked to St. Patrick’s Day. In America, the annual celebration on March 17 witnesses party-goers dressed in head-to-toe green leprechaun gear.
So how did the myth come about and what are leprechauns famous for? The origins of these fey beings stretch back to prehistory.

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1. They Are Fairies
While they may not seem your typical fairy, leprechauns are part of the genre. With their diminutive stature and mischievous streak, they rub shoulders with other sprites. Reportedly descended from Tuatha De Danann, magical beings who followed the Gaelic goddess Danu, they inhabited Ireland before human history began.

2. There Are No Female Leprechauns
To explain the absence of female leprechauns (and a lack of ways to reproduce), it is claimed that leprechauns have been rejected by the fairy community as unwanted. Due to this fate, leprechauns are reported as being grumbling, solitary and untrusting creatures.

3. Leprechauns Are the Fairy World’s Cobblers and Bankers
Leprechauns are famous for their gold, which apparently comes from cobbling enterprises. The solitary little green men pour their hearts into creating beautiful shoes – reputedly always with a shoe and hammer to hand. The tapping sound reportedly precedes them.

Some stories say that leprechauns protect the entire fairy world’s treasure – one tale reports that leprechauns take on the role of bankers to keep frivolous fairies solvent.

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  1. European Law Protects Leprechauns
    Apparently, 236 leprechauns live in the caves of Carlington Mountain. Heritage status from the EU has been granted to the tiny people, who now have a protected sanctuary in the mountain. This directive also protects the flora and animals in the region.St Patricks Day gifts are available online from retailers such as

    The legend of the leprechaun is expanded upon here:

    5. Pretend to Be a Leprechaun for a Good Cause
    In March, marathons around Ireland encourage runners to dress up as leprechauns. The participants raise money for charitable causes while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

    6. Make a Leprechaun Trap
    This is a fantastic activity for children at St. Patrick’s Day. You need something shiny to appeal to the tiny men. You might use a shoebox or invent your own lure. You never know: you might have the luck of the Irish!

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