Monday May 23, 2022

The Best Car Blogs for Car Lovers

For those of you who can’t resist anything to do with cars and adore all things automotive, then you’ll be interested in the best car blogs to follow. If you want to know about the history of carmakers, latest trends, technology updates and the future of motoring, then here are some of the best blogs to follow:

  1. Carwitter

This blog was the brainchild of an enthusiast called Adam Tudor-Lane who left his employment to focus all his efforts on his true love – automobiles. The blog has won the Automotive UK Blog Award in 2017 and the Business Automotive UK Blog this year. You’ll find all the latest news, advice, info and reviews.

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  1. Motor Verso

This blog focuses heavily on amazing photography and fascinating articles about unusual or luxury cars. There are reviews of both cars and gadets and accessories. You’ll also find travel articles, in particular, the best destinations to visit by car. Tons of stunning imagery and plenty of inspiration for your next road trip can be found here.

  1. Green Motor

If your interest is less on how a car looks but whether it has excellent green credentials, then this is the blog for you. The editor makes it clear that the central purpose of this blog is dealing with issues of climate change, green motoring and reviews of environmentally-friendly vehicles from hybrids to hydrogen fuel-cell power. The information is well-informed, strongly opinionated but engaging.

  1. Old Classic Car

This began life as just a small site dedicated to classic cars, but it has grown considerably since its inception in 2001. There are loads of interesting articles and photographs for those with a love for nostalgia and preserving old classics. You’ll find all kinds of details, images, stories and lots of other things devoted to old classics. Whether your car is new or old, keep it maintained and serviced with a Gloucester MOT from

  1. Daily Car Blog

This blog provides current, up-to-date and frequently updated content about car news, new releases, industry info, reviews and features. There is also a whole section dedicated to Formula 1 and lots of video content. The team consists of 5 writers with an informal and light-hearted approach.

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  1. GMotors

This site covers a broad range of topics and features subjects chosen by the manufacturer including the future of motoring and motorsports. The blog began in 2010 and features stunning photography alongside its extensive library of content. For those who love knowing about concept designs, there’s plenty to pique your interest here too.

  1. Foxy Lady Drivers Club

This is a blog dedicated to helping female drivers work out a car industry still very dominated by men. You’ll find features on women in motorsports and plenty of tips and reviews aimed directly at women drivers. It’s a site designed to make women feel at ease in a male-dominated industry, where seeking advice and information about car maintenance and car buying can sometimes feel stressful and embarrassing. The blog has almost 5000 Twitter followers, so it’s an incredibly useful and welcome resource for many female car owners.

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