Friday May 20, 2022

The Five Most Stressful Things About Planning a Wedding – And How to Overcome Them

It’s official – wedding planning is stressful. Once you’ve got engaged, the reality of wedding planning sinks in.

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In fact, 71% of couples report that wedding planning is more stressful than buying a house. Here are the biggest stresses – and how to fix them.

Guest List

When you start making a guest list, you can suddenly realise you have too many family members and not enough that you actually want to spend time with!

You have to get tough about it. Work out who you want to attend and stick to it. Only share your day with people you want to see as you walk down the aisle.


Sending out invites, trying to get obscure addresses, waiting for replies and then chasing up non-repliers can make you want to turn to a Facebook event invite instead.

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Although planners say send them 6 to 8 weeks in advance, send them out earlier. You’ll give yourself more time to chase after replies and find replacements for guests who can’t attend.


How could it possibly be a chore to plan a wedding? After all, there are the five florists to pick from, the six venues, the four cake-makers, the colour schemes of the dresses for wedding guests…

Your wedding will be perfect because it’s your day. Don’t feel that you have to make choices to chase a dream day. Make the choices you and your partner feel are best, and then move on.


Couples are decreasing costs by making their decor elements themselves. Sure, it’s fun at first, until you’re fighting with a sewing machine while making dresses for wedding guests at 3am.

Start your crafting as early as possible. It can be a nice bonding activity for your bridesmaids. (And you can always buy dresses for wedding guests and not stress!)

Table Plan

Where guests sit can be an invitation to chaos. Families are complicated enough without trying to mix them together with plenty of alcohol – that’s a sure-fire way to start fights during the reception.

Unassigned seating can cause more problems, so try to keep families and friends and work colleagues together. And use your bridal party as a barrier for problem guests. It’s what you have a maid of honour for.

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